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Plain white mugs Nail var­nish Gold gild­ing paint Black porce­lain pen Large bowl Cock­tail stick Nail var­nish re­mover Mask­ing tape Clear gloss fin­ish­ing spray Got a few last-minute Christ­mas gifts still to sort out? Make one of these mugs for each of your besties, mar­bling with their favourite shades, then wrap them up to­gether with fancy loose leaf tea or hot choco­late.

We’re lov­ing the all-out teabreak glam­our of that splat­tered mar­ble ef­fect dipped in gold and reckon these would go down an ab­so­lute storm as ‘con­grats on your new job’ mugs, too. And now our ridicu­lous hoard of nail var­nishes is com­pletely jus­ti­fied.

You could go one step fur­ther with per­son­al­is­ing your mugs by writ­ing a mes­sage on the base of each one us­ing the porce­lain pen. To pre­serve your beau­ti­ful mar­bled hand­i­work, you’ll want to keep these mugs out of the mi­crowave and the dish­washer.

Pre­pare the mugs by giv­ing them a thor­ough wash, then make sure they’re all com­pletely dry be­fore you be­gin.

Mask each mug with mask­ing tape to cre­ate a crisp line one third up from the bot­tom of the mug, as shown. Don’t for­get to mask the bot­tom of the han­dle too.

Paint the bot­tom third of each mug with gold gild­ing paint.

Once they’re dry, paint a sec­ond layer of gold paint en­sur­ing the mug has an even cov­er­age of gold.

When the paint is com­pletely dry, re­move the mask­ing tape and clean up any lines.

Next, to pre­pare for mar­bling, stick mask­ing tape all around the top of the gold sec­tions of the mugs, as shown.

Fill a mix­ing bowl with cold wa­ter, mak­ing sure it’s deep

enough to sub­merge the top two thirds of a mug.

Care­fully drip your cho­sen nail var­nish onto sur­face of the wa­ter – don’t swirl it, just let it spread across the wa­ter. Less is more when pour­ing the nail var­nish into the bowl – a lit­tle goes a long way, and us­ing less will give a much cleaner fin­ish over­all.

Hold the first mug up­side down by the base and dip it ver­ti­cally into the wa­ter, as shown, then pull it back out en­sur­ing the nail var­nish cov­ers the out­side of the mug. Dip again if needed.

Re­move any re­main­ing nail var­nish from the sur­face of the wa­ter with a cock­tail stick, then drip in the nail var­nish again as per Step 8 in be­tween dip­ping each mug. If you want to add a sec­ond colour to the mar­bling, dip each colour sep­a­rately and al­low the mug to dry be­tween each dip for the best re­sults. Re­peat Steps 8-10 for each of the mugs.

Leave the mugs to dry. You can use nail var­nish re­mover to re­move any parts of the mar­bling you want to re-do.

Use a black porce­lain pen and re­fer to the im­age as a guide to draw dif­fer­ent-sized dots ran­domly all over the mar­bled sec­tions of the mugs, keep­ing each of the dots ir­reg­u­lar so they look like ink splat­ters.

Wipe the in­side of each mug with nail var­nish re­mover to re­move any re­main­ing nail var­nish. The in­side should be com­pletely clean.

To fin­ish and seal the mugs, fol­low the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions to ap­ply the clear gloss fin­ish­ing spray and leave to dry.

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