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All you need for this is­sue’s makes

Use a 0.25cm ( seam al­lowance through­out. Use blan­ket stitch and two strands of em­broi­dery thread through­out un­less stated oth­er­wise.

Us­ing the tem­plates on the op­po­site page, cut two head pieces, two body pieces, four arms and four ears from the beige felt. Cut one shirt front and two shirt back pieces from the blue felt. From the yel­low felt, cut one party hat piece. Cut one bow tie piece from the navy felt.

Place two head pieces right side (RS) to­gether and sew with beige thread, leav­ing an open­ing at marked point be­tween the base and darts. Match the dart seams and sew, turn RS out, then stuff firmly. Us­ing four strands of black thread, stitch two French knots for eyes. Us­ing two strands of black thread, sew back­stitches over each other on the nose.

Pair the ears RS to­gether, then sew with beige thread leav­ing open where in­di­cated. Turn RS out then tuck in the raw edge as you sew the gap closed. Fold the ears in half and sew the bot­tom edge seams to­gether. Sew the ears to the head at the ends of the hor­i­zon­tal dart.

Place the body pieces RS to­gether and sew with beige thread, leav­ing a gap as marked. Turn RS out, eas­ing out the legs. Stuff, then sew the gap closed. Make a lit­tle hol­low in the head open­ing and push the top of the body in­side the head. Sew to­gether us­ing lad­der stitch.

Pair the arm pieces with RS to­gether and sew with beige thread, leav­ing open where in­di­cated. Turn RS out, stuff a small amount in the hands, place less stuff­ing in the top of the arms, then sew the gaps closed. Pin the arms to each side of the body, then with two strands of beige thread, stitch through one arm, through the body, and out the other side of the other arm. Re­peat a few times to se­cure.

Place one shirt back on top of the shirt front, RS to­gether. Sew the shoul­der seam with match­ing thread, along the un­der­arm seam and down the side seam. Re­peat with the re­main­ing shirt back. Turn the shirt RS out, put it on the bear, then sew the back of the shirt closed.

Bring the short bow tie ends to­gether to make a loop. Add a few stitches to hold. Wrap two strands of navy thread around the mid­dle and pull to tighten. Sew the bow tie to the cen­tre front of the shirt, as shown.

Sew along the straight edge of the hat piece us­ing yel­low thread. Work run­ning stitch around the small open end, then pull to tighten. Turn RS out and sew the pom pom to the top. Turn up a 1.5cm ( cuff at the bot­tom. Use black thread to at­tach the hat to the head so it looks like a piece of elas­tic.

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