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Plain sweat­shirt Tai­lor’s chalk 1m (393/ each of plain short pile faux fur in baby pink and baby blue (ours was from www.min­er­vacrafts.com) Match­ing sewing thread

On one of the sleeves, use tai­lor’s chalk to mark a line 1.5cm (¼") up from the cuff, then mark 17cm (6¾") up from this. Mea­sure a fur­ther 17cm (6¾") up from this line and mark again. Cut the sleeve fol­low­ing these lines. Put the cuff aside.

Use these sec­tions of sleeve as tem­plates for the fur. Fold the fur in half and place the top of the first tem­plate along the fold. Mea­sure and mark a 1.5cm (¼") seam al­lowance around the three sides then cut out. Re­peat with the sec­ond tem­plate on the sec­ond fab­ric.

With right sides (RS) to­gether, pin and sew the two fur fab­rics to­gether along the long edge with a 1.5cm ( seam al­lowance.

Open out the fab­ric and fold in half the other way with RS to­gether, as shown. Pin and sew the long raw edge.

Turn the sleeve RS out and the jumper wrong side ( WS) out then, with RS to­gether, in­sert the sleeve into the arm­hole cuff end first. Pin and sew.

Pull the sleeve out. Keep both the jumper and fur sleeve WS out and the cuff RS out, then in­sert the cuff into the sleeve, small­est point first. Pin and sew the cuff onto the sleeve. Turn RS out, then re­peat Steps 1-6 for the sec­ond sleeve.

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