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Heat trans­fer vinyl (we used Hap­pyFabric’s Hap­pyGlit­ter in Sil­ver Black and Royal Blue from www.hap­pyfabric.

Two dif­fer­ent star­shaped pa­per punches (ours were from www. hob­by­

Sheer socks

Thick card

Pa­per clip

Grease­proof pa­per


Call it a crafty gal cliché, but when we caught wind of the state­ment sock trend we im­me­di­ately saw it as an op­por­tu­nity for glit­ter. Dainty sheer socks are ev­ery­where right now, and iron-on glit­ter vinyl is an easy way to put your stamp on them.

Stock up on dif­fer­ent sized star punches, or track down hearts, con­fetti dots or flower shapes and dream up your own de­sign – then wave your feet in the air like you just don’t care.

01 Pre-heat the iron to 150 C, which is the two dot set­ting on most irons. This is a vi­tal tool when us­ing heat trans­fer vinyl.

02 Lay one of the socks flat on thick card. Us­ing a pen­cil, draw around the sock leav­ing a 1cm ( 3 /8") bor­der to cre­ate a tem­plate, then cut it out. This tem­plate will be used to stretch the sock out ready for the vinyl to be ap­plied. Use the card­board tem­plate to then make a fur­ther two tem­plates in grease­proof pa­per. Paper­clip the grease­proof pa­per tem­plates ei­ther side of the card­board tem­plate – this’ll stop the vinyl ad­her­ing to the card­board when heated. Rub out any pen­cil lines be­fore slid­ing the tem­plate into the sock as pen­cil may trans­fer onto the fab­ric.

03 Slide the tem­plate into one of the socks. Make sure when you pull the sock onto the card­board tem­plate that it’s evenly stretched and there are no creases in the fab­ric of the sock.

04 Take the heat trans­fer vinyl and be­gin to cut out star shapes with the pa­per punches. If you’re us­ing Hap­pyGlit­ter or Hap­pyFlock, re­move the plas­tic car­rier sheet on the top of the vinyl be­fore you use the pa­per punches. This will make it much eas­ier to punch, and will pre­vent the punch from be­com­ing blunt, as Hap­pyGlit­ter and Hap­pyFlock are slightly thicker than other vinyls.

05 Lay the sock on a firm sur­face and give it a quick pre-press with the iron to re­move any mois­ture in the fab­ric. This will al­low the heat trans­fer vinyl to ad­here to the fab­ric prop­erly.

06 Be­gin to lay out a starry de­sign on the sock, glit­tery side up, us­ing the im­age as a guide. Lay the big­ger stars down first and then add the smaller stars around them. You’ll want to aim for an even amount of each colour vinyl.

07 Once you’re happy with the place­ment of the stars, cover the sock with grease­proof pa­per.

08 Use the iron to ap­ply pres­sure to the vinyl and sock on top of the grease­proof pa­per. Be sure to ap­ply a good amount of pres­sure for 10-15 sec­onds in each area as this’ll also help the vinyl ad­here to the fab­ric of the sock and stay in place dur­ing wash­ing. Re­peat all over the sock un­til all of the vinyl stars are com­pletely fused to the fab­ric. Press again in any ar­eas you feel need an ex­tra blast of heat to stick firmly. Re­peat Steps 3-8 for the sec­ond sock.

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