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long edges. Pull the yarn tail to gather, cre­at­ing the base of the pouffe, then turn RS out. For the back seam, use the re­main­der of the yarn tail or cut a new length of yarn and tie to the yarn tail on the in­side. With your hands, use mat­tress stitch to seam the two short edges of the piece. It’s eas­i­est to do this with the RS of the work fac­ing you so you can make sure the seam is in­vis­i­ble – there should be an even three rows of stock­ing stitch be­tween each purl row all the way around the pouffe.

Bean­bag in­ner

Place the dou­ble fit­ted sheet in­side the arm knit­ted piece as if putting a bin liner in a bin. Lit­tle by lit­tle, pour the poly­styrene bean bag fill­ing into the sheet, paus­ing at in­ter­vals to reach in and stretch out the sides of the pouffe and push the sheet down to make more room. Once all the beans are in, care­fully gather up all the edges of the sheet and tie very firmly with strong twine or thick cot­ton yarn. Al­ter­na­tively, if you have a cou­ple of friends on hand to as­sist you, you may find it eas­ier to have them hold out the sheet while you pour all the beans in be­fore fas­ten­ing it off and plac­ing it in­side the knit­ted outer.


Make sure any yarn tails are on the in­side. For the base of the pouffe, use a length of yarn and your hands to weave a run­ning stitch along the re­main­ing edge. Pull the yarn to gather it to­gether, then tie it off, weav­ing the end to the in­side. Re­shape the pouffe to make it plump and round.

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