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place. Repeat on the left-hand edge. Sew both of the ends in place with a 4.5cm (17/ long rectangle approximat­ely 2-3mm in from the edges, and with a cross through the centre, as shown.

Lay out the back panel RS up and make sure all the straps and tabs are folded into the middle and not overlappin­g the edges. Lay the front panel on top, RS down, making sure both panels are the right way up, with the Fabric 1 sections at the bottom. Pin and sew 1cm ( in along the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.

To square off the bottom corners, adjust the fabric so the seams sit on top of each other, then flatten it out, as shown. Measure 4cm (15/ up the seam from the tip of the corner, then pin and sew a horizontal line across the seam at that point. Trim away the fabric at the corner, leaving a seam allowance of roughly 0.5cm ( "). Repeat Steps 12-13 with the two Fabric 3 lining pieces.

Turn the bag RS out and tuck the lining inside the bag with WS facing, matching the seams of the bag and lining. Fold the top raw edges to the WS by 1cm ( and pin the bag and lining. Sew around the top edge about 0.5cm ( ") in.

Place the bag RS up, then fold the top edge towards you by roughly 5cm (2"). Fold it over again by about 6cm (23/ then bring the tabs to the front from the back. Add the positive side of a popper to the end of one of the tabs, 3.5cm (13/ up from the end, and facing up. Next, fold the end of the tab to the WS by 1cm ( then again by 4cm (15/ and pin.

Check the popper matches up with its counterpar­t piece on the front of the bag – you can adjust the fold measuremen­ts slightly if needed. Sew across the tab 2-3mm below the folded end, and also 2-3mm from the end of the tab. Repeat Steps 15-16 to add the remaining popper piece to the other tab to finish.

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