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place. Re­peat on the left-hand edge. Sew both of the ends in place with a 4.5cm (17/ long rec­tan­gle ap­prox­i­mately 2-3mm in from the edges, and with a cross through the cen­tre, as shown.

Lay out the back panel RS up and make sure all the straps and tabs are folded into the mid­dle and not over­lap­ping the edges. Lay the front panel on top, RS down, mak­ing sure both pan­els are the right way up, with the Fab­ric 1 sec­tions at the bot­tom. Pin and sew 1cm ( in along the sides and bot­tom, leav­ing the top open.

To square off the bot­tom cor­ners, ad­just the fab­ric so the seams sit on top of each other, then flat­ten it out, as shown. Mea­sure 4cm (15/ up the seam from the tip of the cor­ner, then pin and sew a hor­i­zon­tal line across the seam at that point. Trim away the fab­ric at the cor­ner, leav­ing a seam al­lowance of roughly 0.5cm ( "). Re­peat Steps 12-13 with the two Fab­ric 3 lin­ing pieces.

Turn the bag RS out and tuck the lin­ing in­side the bag with WS fac­ing, match­ing the seams of the bag and lin­ing. Fold the top raw edges to the WS by 1cm ( and pin the bag and lin­ing. Sew around the top edge about 0.5cm ( ") in.

Place the bag RS up, then fold the top edge to­wards you by roughly 5cm (2"). Fold it over again by about 6cm (23/ then bring the tabs to the front from the back. Add the pos­i­tive side of a pop­per to the end of one of the tabs, 3.5cm (13/ up from the end, and fac­ing up. Next, fold the end of the tab to the WS by 1cm ( then again by 4cm (15/ and pin.

Check the pop­per matches up with its coun­ter­part piece on the front of the bag – you can ad­just the fold mea­sure­ments slightly if needed. Sew across the tab 2-3mm be­low the folded end, and also 2-3mm from the end of the tab. Re­peat Steps 15-16 to add the re­main­ing pop­per piece to the other tab to fin­ish.

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