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2.25m (885/ 8") PVC pipe, 2cm ( ") di­am­e­ter Eight PVC pipe tees Eight PVC pipe caps White straight-sided plant pot, 22cm (8 ") di­am­e­ter Pro­fes­sional rapid ad­he­sive Gold acrylic paint Cop­per spray paint Dark blue craft pen Var­nish spray Saw Sand­pa­per Paint­ing mask Paint brush Tape mea­sure Cop­per plant stand trend? We’re all over it. This DIY ver­sion has won­drous bronzed pins and an ab­stract painted plant pot that goes with it, ad­ding an artsy el­e­ment to those in­dus­trial vibes. Af­ter all, suc­cess­fully keep­ing house­plants alive for any length of time is an achieve­ment de­serv­ing of a spe­cial shiny some­thing, we reckon. Saw and spray paint at the ready for this one, we’ve got green fin­gers and we can­not lie.

Us­ing a tape mea­sure or ruler, mea­sure and mark four 35cm (13¾") lengths and four 17cm (6¾") lengths of PVC pipe, then care­fully cut them with a saw. Check the pieces are ex­actly the right lengths and match­ing.

02 Next, sand the cut edges of the PVC pipe lengths to smooth them. Smooth sur­faces can be painted much quicker and more eas­ily.

03 To make the legs of the plant stand, slide a pipe tee onto each of the four 35cm (13¾") PVC pipe lengths. Po­si­tion each tee ex­actly 19cm (7½") from one end, then glue them in place.

04 Glue pipe caps onto both ends of each of the four 35cm (13¾") PVC pipe lengths.

05 Once the four leg pieces are dry, you can be­gin mak­ing the in­ner part of the plant stand. Make sure you work on a flat sur­face to keep it level. Slip a pipe tee onto the very mid­dle of three of the 17cm (6¾") pipe lengths and glue in place, then slot one end of each of the

lengths into the re­main­ing tee open­ings, so the three pieces are per­pen­dic­u­lar. Glue in place.

06 Slide the last pipe tee onto the mid­dle of the re­main­ing 17cm (6 ") pipe length and glue in place.

07 Once the in­ner part of the plant stand is dry, slot and glue the legs in place. To do this, fit the four ends of the in­ner part into the re­main­ing open­ings in the tees on the four legs.

08 Next, work­ing out­side or in a well-ven­ti­lated area, spray the stand with cop­per spray paint, re­fer­ring to the man­u­fac­turer's in­struc­tions. Pro­tect the work sur­face and put on a paint­ing mask. Hold the spray paint can about 20-25cm (77/ 8- 97/ 8") away from the ma­te­ri­als and slowly move the spray paint can back and forth while paint­ing. Ap­ply thin coats of cop­per spray paint and al­low the plant stand to dry.

09 Once the spray paint has dried, you’ll need to fix it with spray var­nish. Ap­ply it ac­cord­ing to the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions.

10 To dec­o­rate the plant pot, draw loose U-shaped fig­ures from the top to the bot­tom, re­fer­ring to the im­age as a guide, then fill them in with gold acrylic paint.

11 Once the paint has dried, roughly draw around the U-shaped gold el­e­ments us­ing a dark blue craft pen, as shown.

12 Fi­nally, when you’re happy with the de­sign, fix it in place with var­nish spray, again fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions.

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