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50 x 50cm (19 x 19 ") latch hook or rug mak­ing can­vas 6mm (J/10) cro­chet hook 500g rov­ing yarn (we used Woolly Ma­hoosive Mam­moth in White and Tjock Fat & Sassy Merino in Aqua) 50g each of yarn scraps in five dif­fer­ent weights or tex­tures (we used Scheep­jes Na­maste in Crane, Rico Lux­ury Magic Mo­hair in Sil­ver, Rico Fash­ion Light Lux­ury in Sil­ver Grey, Style­craft Spe­cial Chunky in Cloud Blue and Rowan Brushed Fleece in Fog) 5m (1957/ 8") strong cot­ton yarn or thread 50 x 50cm (19 x 19 ") thick card­board Large yarn nee­dle Some­where be­tween latch hook­ing and rug mak­ing, there’s a mag­i­cal place where scrump­tious, tac­tile loops are cre­ated in mo­ments. You won’t need fancy tools for this make, just your trusty cro­chet hook and yarn. And in fact, you could use this tech­nique to fill any shape at all with fluffy yarn tex­ture – hearts, stars, pet por­traits or mod­ern colour block­ing. Dream big.

Us­ing the main im­age as a guide, draw and cut out a cloud from the card­board with a straight bot­tom edge. This should be the fin­ished size and shape you’d like the cloud to be, ap­prox­i­mately 45 x 25cm (17¾ x 97/

Place the card on top of the latch hook can­vas and, us­ing the card­board cloud as a guide, cut a piece that is 3cm (1¼") larger than the cloud all the way around. Put the card­board tem­plate to one side for now, it’ll be used for back­ing.

Work­ing from the front of the can­vas, insert the cro­chet hook through one hole in the can­vas and catch the yarn from be­hind, pulling it through to the front and cre­at­ing a loop of yarn on the front of the piece.

Con­tinue in this way, work­ing blocks of colour. For the thicker rov­ing yarns, cre­ate a loop ev­ery three squares apart on the can­vas. For the thin­ner, lighter weight yarns, you’ll want to cre­ate a loop in each square of the can­vas.

Make sure you don’t work in the 3cm (1¼") sec­tion around the edge of the cloud can­vas, as the edge is prone to fray­ing.

Re­fer­ring to the main im­age as a guide, build up the smaller coloured sec­tions, then fill in the

cloud shape with the main colour. Weave any yarn ends in lightly on the back of the work.

07 Tak­ing the card­board cloud tem­plate set aside ear­lier, pierce holes 1cm ( 3 /8") apart and 1cm ( 3 /8") in from the out­side edge, all the way around the cloud shape, us­ing a pair of sharp scis­sors.

08 Work­ing on the back of the yarn looped piece now, lay the card­board cloud shape on top to be used as back­ing.

09 Sew the card­board to the back of the can­vas us­ing strong cot­ton yarn and a yarn nee­dle. Use a con­tin­u­ous whip stitch to se­cure the 3cm (1 ") can­vas edge to the back of the card­board, through the holes made in Step 7. Don’t sew the can­vas too tightly along the flat bot­tom edge of the cloud, as you’ll be work­ing into the bot­tom row of can­vas holes for the next stage. Tie off and weave in the yarn end when you’ve gone all the way around.

10 For the fringe, cut 30 60cm (235/ 8") lengths of yarn and fold them all in half. Two DK weight yarns work well for this, a fluffy and sparkly grey, held to­gether.

11 Insert the cro­chet hook from front to back in the cen­tre hole along the bot­tom edge of the cloud, then hook through a folded pair of yarn lengths at the mid­dle point. Take the ends of the lengths of yarn and pull them from back to front through the mid­dle of the loops, then pull gen­tly to close. This cre­ates a lark’s head knot. Re­peat in all the holes along the bot­tom, stop­ping around 10cm (4") from the out­side edges to leave a gap ei­ther side of the fringe.

12 Once at­tached, trim the yarn fring­ing into a di­ag­o­nal line to cre­ate a rain shower ef­fect.

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