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MA­TE­RI­ALS 75cm (29½") medium weight can­vas lin­ing fab­ric (Fab­ric 1) 50cm (19¾") plain grey quilt­ing weight fab­ric (Fab­ric 2) 50cm (19¾") Cot­ton + Steel Moon­rise by Alexia Abegg in Rain Cloud (ours was from www. the­crafty­mas­ter­ (Fab­ric 3) 25cm (97/ 8") Cot­ton + Steel Si­enna by Alexia Abegg Hearth in In­digo (Fab­ric 4) 1m (393/ 8") faux leather strap, 3cm (1¼") wide 1m (393/ 8") dark blue cord, 6-8mm wide 1m (393/ 8") web­bing, 2.5cm (1") wide Match­ing sewing thread Sewing your own mat bag to carry to yoga class is such a cre­ative way to honour your prac­tice – a gift to both present and fu­ture you that’ll help you re­main mo­ti­vated and mind­ful.

This draw­string bag in calm­ing colours is a straight­for­ward sew, cre­ated us­ing sim­ple tech­niques so you can re­lax into your stitch­ing flow. Be in­spired by our choice of com­ple­men­tary fab­rics, or se­lect ma­te­ri­als from your stash to make it more per­sonal.

Sun sa­lu­ta­tions and savasana, we’re ready for you. And if you’re not a down­ward dog kinda gal, this’ll make a thought­ful sur­prise for a yogi friend.

01 Start by cut­ting out the re­quired fab­ric pieces. From Fab­ric 1, cut a 90 x 60cm (35½ x 235/ 8") piece, cut a 42 x 60cm (16½ x 235/ 8") piece from Fab­ric 2 and a 50 x 60cm (19¾ x 235/ 8") piece from Fab­ric 3. Cut a 27 x 32cm (105/ x 8 125/ 8") piece from Fab­ric 4.

02 Lay the Fab­ric 2 piece and the Fab­ric 3 piece right sides (RS) to­gether, align­ing one of the long edges. If your Fab­ric 3 has a di­rec­tional print, check it’s run­ning away from the long edge you’ve lined up. Pin along that edge then sew 1cm ( 3 /8") in. Press the seam open.

03 Lay the Fab­ric 4 piece RS down. Fold each of the edges to the wrong side ( WS) by 1cm ( 3 /8") and press. Place the Fab­ric 3 panel RS up in por­trait po­si­tion, with the Fab­ric 2 piece at the bot­tom. Place the Fab­ric 4 piece on top, RS up, po­si­tion­ing it 32.5cm (12¾") from the bot­tom panel edge and in a cen­tral po­si­tion – ap­prox­i­mately 15cm (6") in from each long edge.

04 For the han­dles, cut two 37cm strips (145/ 8") of faux leather strap. Tuck both ends of one of the han­dle strips un­der the right hand short edge of the patch by 1cm ( 3 /8"), 4cm (15/ 8") in from the cor­ners, and pin in place. Re­peat for the left short edge. Pin all the way around the patch, then sew around all four sides, 0.25cm ( 1 /8") in.

05 Turn the fab­ric panel WS up. At the top of both long edges of the Fab­ric 3 outer panel, fold 3cm (1¼") of fab­ric to the WS slightly, twice, then pin. This will cre­ate a small, nar­row tri­an­gle roughly 0.5cm (¼") wide. Sew along the in­ner edge of each tri­an­gle.

06 Turn the panel back over, RS up. Fold in half along the length with RS to­gether, align­ing the raw edges. Cut an 85cm (33½") strip of web­bing and tuck it inside the folded panel, 10cm (4") in from the

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