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MA­TE­RI­ALS 112 x 40cm (441/ x 15¾") 8 light­weight wa­ter­re­sis­tant fab­ric (we used Show­er­proof Lin­ing in pale lilac from www. (Fab­ric 1) 112 x 40cm (441/ x 15¾") 8 foam in­ter­fac­ing 54 x 37cm (21¼ x 145/ 8") quilt­ing weight plain cot­ton fab­ric (Fab­ric 2) 180cm (707/ 8") match­ing web­bing, 3cm (1¼") wide 250g polyester toy stuff­ing Match­ing sewing thread Tape mea­sure We’re nowhere near ready to hang up our duvet coats yet, so we’re tak­ing the trend to the next level and sewing a puffer-style bag. This quilted won­der is wa­ter­proof and roomy, as well as de­light­fully squishy. Ath­leisure? You betcha, and then some – one jumbo tote wor­thy of pi­lates classes and burger dates alike. Use your favourite pas­tel tone du jour to keep it up to date.

01 Cut two 40 x 56cm (15¾ x 221/ 8") pieces from Fab­ric 1 and two 40 x 56cm (15¾ x 221/ 8") pieces from the foam in­ter­fac­ing. For the lin­ing, cut two 37 x 54cm (145/ x 21¼") 8 pieces from Fab­ric 2.

02 Lay out the in­ter­fac­ing pieces in land­scape po­si­tion and lay a Fab­ric 1 piece on top of each one, right side (RS) up. Pin along the top long edge of each pair, about 0.5cm (¼") down. Mea­sure 8cm (31/ 8") down from the pinned edge and pin all the way across the fab­ric, us­ing sev­eral pins to form a row. Tai­lor’s chalk isn’t ef­fec­tive on wa­ter-re­sis­tant fab­ric, so this is an al­ter­na­tive way to mark the lines you’ll sew. Pin holes may show in the wa­ter-re­sis­tant fab­ric, so be care­ful to pin ex­actly where you’ll sew, or where holes won’t be vis­i­ble. Pin an­other par­al­lel line 7cm (2¾") be­low the first, a line 7cm (2¾") be­low that, then a fi­nal line 7cm (2¾") be­low that.

03 Sew along the pinned lines, re­mov­ing the pins as you go. Also re­move the pins from the top edge.

04 Trim the bot­tom and sides so the fin­ished pan­els mea­sure 37 x 54cm (145/ x 21¼"). Lay the two 8 pan­els RS up, in land­scape po­si­tion, mak­ing sure the 8cm (31/ 8") wide strip is at the top.

05 Cut two 90cm (35½") lengths of web­bing. Pin one end of one strip 14cm (5½") in from the right hand edge of one panel, with the cut end over­lap­ping the top edge by 2cm (¾"). Pin the other end of the strip 14cm (5½") in from the left hand edge of that panel, again, over­lap­ping the edge by 2cm (¾"). Check the strap isn’t twisted, then re­peat on the sec­ond panel.

06 Place a Fab­ric 2 lin­ing piece on top of each Fab­ric 1 panel with RS to­gether, then pin along the top edge. Care­fully re­move the pins from the web­bing and re­pin back through all the lay­ers, keep­ing the straps in place. Sew along the

pinned edge on both pieces, 1cm ( 3 /8") down, then open them out so the lin­ing and the outer are RS up.

07 Lightly stuff each of the rows be­tween the stitch­ing on the bag outer us­ing the toy stuff­ing. Use a ruler or sim­i­lar to push the stuff­ing down into the rows, and take your time so the stuff­ing is even. Leave about 4cm (15/ 8") un­stuffed at the be­gin­ning and end of each row – this will make as­sem­bling the bag much eas­ier as you won’t be sewing through thick stuff­ing.

08 Place the two bag lin­ing and outer pan­els with RS to­gether, match­ing the outer and the lin­ing fab­rics and align­ing the raw edges. Pin around all four sides, mak­ing sure the web­bing han­dles are folded in to­wards the cen­tre, away from the seams.

09 Sew all the way around the edges, leav­ing a 12cm (4 ") gap on one edge of the lin­ing.

10 To square the cor­ners of the bag lin­ing, po­si­tion the fab­ric so the outer seams sit on top each other. Mark 7.5cm (3") up from the tip of the cor­ner, then mark and pin a line hor­i­zon­tally across the seam at that point. Sew, then trim off the cor­ner off, 1cm ( 3 /8") away from the seam, as shown. Re­peat this step with the other cor­ner of the lin­ing and both cor­ners of the bag outer.

11 Turn the bag RS out through the gap in the lin­ing. Pin and sew the gap closed, then tuck the fin­ished lin­ing down into the bag, push­ing it into the cor­ners.

12 To fin­ish, pin and sew 0.25cm ( 1 /8") down from the top edge of the bag, all the way around.

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