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61 x 122cm (24 x 48¼") ply­wood sheet, 12 or 18mm thick 4mm wood drill piece 18mm pad­dle drill piece 90cm (35½") wooden dowel, 18mm thick 50 x 8cm (19¾ x 31/ 8") tim­ber, 1cm ( 3 /8") thick Mag­netic primer (we used Rust-Oleum) Fur­ni­ture paint (we used Rust-Oleum Fur­ni­ture Paint in Dusky Pink, Mus­tard and Min­eral Grey) 25 x 15 x 16cm (97/ 8 x 6 x 63/ 8") wire bas­ket Washi tape Painter’s tape (we used FrogTape) Saw Sand­pa­per Paint brushes or rollers Strong thread Metal ruler

Ever fallen foul of Pin­ter­estin­duced stu­dio envy? Us too. It’s time to seize a tool­box and take ac­tion. And whether you have a ded­i­cated space for your craft­ing or not, you’ll be able to get your cre­ative bits and bobs sorted with this ver­sa­tile or­gan­iser board. Part peg­board, part mag­netic memo board and part stor­age, it’s the made-by-me so­lu­tion for any­one who wants to get handy with a drill.

You can cus­tomise the de­sign to suit your needs, pick­ing your favourite colours and de­cid­ing the size and shape of each sec­tion. The pegs can be re­ar­ranged and the whole board can be moved from room to room – ace for renters.

Us­ing washi tape and the im­age as a guide, tape off three tri­an­gle shapes – a large one on each of the two long edges point­ing in­wards, and a small one on the short top edge point­ing down­wards.

To cre­ate the peg­board in the large tri­an­gle on the right, make a washi tape grid, spac­ing the par­al­lel strips of tape 5cm (2") apart from one an­other.

Drill a pi­lot hole with the 4mm drill piece at ev­ery point where the tape crosses over, as shown.

Next, use the pad­dle drill piece to drill the holes big enough to fit the dowel. The pi­lot hole helps you drill a neater hole with less risk of the wood split­ting.

Sand the edges of the drilled holes and the sur­face of the board smooth with sand­pa­per.

To cre­ate the pegs, use the saw to cut the dowel into 9cm (35/ 8") lengths. Sand the ends of the pegs smooth with sand­pa­per.

Make the two shelves by cut­ting the tim­ber plank into a 17cm (6 ") and a 33cm (13") length. Sand the cut edges.

Ap­ply painter’s tape along the out­side edges of the washi tape, as shown. Re­move the washi tape. This will en­sure the painted sec­tions will have neat edges. Make sure the tape is smoothed down com­pletely so no paint can get in un­der­neath.

Paint the mag­netic primer on the large tri­an­gle on the left. Use the fur­ni­ture paint to paint the large tri­an­gle pink and the small tri­an­gle grey.

Paint the shelves and pegs with the pink fur­ni­ture paint.

Once the mag­netic primer is dry, ap­ply a coat of the yel­low fur­ni­ture paint.

Drill holes in the grey tri­an­gle to at­tach the bas­ket, then string the bas­ket up by ty­ing strong thread through the bas­ket and the holes, and knot­ting at the back. In­sert the pegs and bal­ance the shelves on top. For safety, we’d rec­om­mend teth­er­ing the board to the wall at the top be­fore use.

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