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Get your pre­cious pieces in or­der with Benita Na­gra’s DIY resin gem jew­ellery hanger

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Hand­made gems to keep things tidy


MA­TE­RI­ALS Q 300ml Gedeo Crys­tal Resin Kit, trans­par­ent Q Resin colour pig­ment pow­der in green, purple, or­ange, pink and blue Q Sil­ver flakes (we used Nuvo Gild­ing Flakes in Sil­ver Bul­lion) Q 30 x 15cm (117/ 8 x 6") MDF, 6mm thick Q Three 0.5 x 1cm ( x 3 /8") MDF of­f­cuts Q White paint Q Su­per glue Q Five 3.25cm (1 ") gal­vanised clout nails, 3mm head Q Two wall hang­ing fix­tures Q Two small screws Q Five large sil­i­cone gem stone moulds Q Mea­sur­ing cups Q Mix­ing cups Q Wooden stir­rers Q Ham­mer Q Paint brush Q 3mm bradawl Q Screw­driver Q Drill Q Tape mea­sure Q Fine sand­pa­per Okay rocks, now let’s get in for­ma­tion. Say good­bye to tangled neck­lace vex­a­tion and hiya to for­ward think­ing dé­cor – fi­nally there’s a func­tional jew­ellery hanger that’s a beau­ti­ful ob­ject in its very own right.

These glow­ing gems are made with coloured resin, and the back­ing board is 90s home makeover show fave MDF. The sin­gle hue gems with their me­tal­lic flakes look ace, but you could mix and swirl mul­ti­ple colours to­gether to cre­ate one-of-a-kind stones.

01 Mea­sure out the resin and hard­ener in the mea­sur­ing cups. Add the cor­rect ra­tio of resin to hard­ener, in this case it’s a ra­tio of 2:1. You’ll need 270ml in to­tal for the gem­stones, so mix 180ml resin with 90ml hard­ener. Mix thor­oughly in a cup with a clean wooden stir­rer un­til the mix­ture goes from clear, to cloudy, back to trans­par­ent again.

02 Sep­a­rate the resin mix­ture evenly into five sep­a­rate cups. Us­ing a clean spoon, add a small amount of a dif­fer­ent colouring pig­ment to each cup.

03 Stir the pig­ment in each cup thor­oughly with a wooden stir­rer un­til the pow­der is com­pletely mixed in and the resin is the colour you’d like. Add a small amount of sil­ver flakes to the blue and purple coloured cups.

04 Next, fill all the moulds with the coloured resin mix­tures, pouring one colour into each one. If any bubbles form in the moulds, use a pin to pop them to en­sure a smooth, clear fin­ish. Make sure the moulds are clean and dust free be­fore pouring.

05 Leave the gem­stones to set for at least 24 hours – they should be hard and shiny in fin­ish when ready. Try to leave them on a flat, even sur­face which won’t be dis­turbed. Once dry, care­fully peel back the

sil­i­cone moulds and take the resin gem­stones out.

06 Sand down the edges of the 30 x 15cm (117/ x 6") MDF piece and 8 paint it with the white paint.

07 Once the painted MDF is dry, mea­sure and mark out the points where you’d like the gem hooks to be on the board with a pen­cil, us­ing the main im­age as a guide – aim for three gems in a row across the top and two in a row un­der­neath them. They’ll need to be level and evenly spaced.

08 Drill a 3mm hole – the same di­am­e­ter as the nails – through each point marked. Sand down any rough edges and re­touch the board with paint where nec­es­sary for a flaw­less fin­ish.

09 Su­per­glue the three small pieces of cut off MDF to the back of the board, two at the same height in the top corners and one at the bot­tom cen­tre. Screw the hang­ing hooks through the top two blocks – the blocks al­low for enough thick­ness for the screw to hold se­curely. The third block at the bot­tom will keep the board level against the wall when hung up.

10 Ham­mer the nails from the back of the board through to the front through the drilled holes. They should be flush on the back with the sharp end of the nail pok­ing out at the front. You can add a small drop of su­per glue un­der­neath the nail head for an even more se­cure hold.

11 Us­ing a 3mm bradawl, drill a small hole into each of the resin gem­stones. You can choose which way you’d like the gem­stones to face – the holes will be on the back of the gem­stone, which will be set into the nail. Make the holes around 1cm ( 3 /8") deep so the gems will fit snugly and se­curely.

12 Care­fully drip su­per glue into the drilled holes and at­tach to the nails. Leave to dry be­fore us­ing.

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