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Small amounts of Kona Cot­ton Solids in Wood Rose, Pickle and Ice Peach Plain can­vas tote bag A4 piece of fusible iron-on ad­he­sive Light grey sewing thread

Lay the fusible ad­he­sive on the work sur­face with the pa­per side fac­ing up. Us­ing the tem­plates on page 90, trace the fol­low­ing onto the fusible ad­he­sive: one flower, one flower cen­tre, two leaf 1 pieces and two leaf 2 pieces.

Roughly cut around the shapes and place them onto the wrong side (WS) of the cor­re­spond­ing fab­ric scraps, pa­per side up. Fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions, iron the shapes in place, fus­ing them to the back of the fab­ric. Leave to cool to set the glue.

Cut out the shapes neatly along the drawn lines and peel the pa­per side off.

Place the shapes cen­trally onto the front of the can­vas tote bag, en­sur­ing the glue side of each shape is sit­ting against the fab­ric. Once you’re happy with the lay­out, use the iron to fuse all the shapes down, apart from the flower cen­tre, again re­fer­ring to the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions.

At the sewing ma­chine, stitch around each shape about 0.25cm in from the edges us­ing straight stitch and the grey sewing thread.

Fi­nally, fuse the flower cen­tre shape in the mid­dle of the flower, then re­peat Step 5 to sew it in place.

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