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MA­TE­RI­ALS ■ Size 11 seed beads in green, dark blue, white and pale yel­low ■ Bead­ing thread in size 0 or 00

■ Size 10 bead­ing nee­dle ■ Bead­ing mat or fuzzy cloth (op­tional)

■ Two ear­ring ear wires

last one again, end­ing with the thread com­ing up out of the se­cond col­umn.

Now you’ll use the ba­sic stitch


all the way un­til the end of the row: thread two beads, pass the nee­dle

un­der the thread of the sub­se­quent row and back up through the two beads just added. Pull tight very care­fully.

Con­tinue adding rows as per


Steps 4-7 un­til you cre­ate one with only three col­umns.

To make the loop for the ear


wire, re­peat the stitch in Steps 4 and 5, but in­stead of us­ing four beads, use six. The top sec­tion is now com­plete.

Run the thread down the side


of the ear­rings and out the bot­tom.

Now you’ll work the beaded


strands for the fring­ing. Add 21 beads to the thread, in the or­der shown above and in the di­a­gram on page 91. Leav­ing out the last one as an an­chor, run the nee­dle back up through them, con­tin­u­ing up through the first row of beads orig­i­nally stitched as a base.

Go down the next row of the


base and re­peat the process un­til

all the fringe is com­pleted. There are 11 strands. Once the last strand is fin­ished, run the thread up the side of the ear­ring as per Step 8. This sta­bilises the piece and lends it strength. Tie off the thread twice be­tween any two beads in a sim­ple knot. Snip the tail off in­vis­i­bly.

Re­peat Steps 1-12 to cre­ate the


se­cond ear­ring. Add the ear wires to the loops at the top to fin­ish, flipping one of the ear­rings over so the de­sign is mir­rored if de­sired.

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