Wooden chan­de­lier

Make Chris­tine Leech’s bead chan­de­lier for op­u­lence with­out the bling

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Our cre­ative take on the beaded lamp­shade trend – hello pom poms



■ Wooden or metal hoop, 25cm (97/ 8") di­am­e­ter

■ 25 1cm ( /8") di­am­e­ter

3 wooden beads

■ 65 1.5cm ( /8") di­am­e­ter

5 wooden beads

■ 40 2cm (¾") di­am­e­ter wooden beads

■ 20 2.5cm (1") di­am­e­ter wooden beads

■ Six 3cm (1¼") di­am­e­ter wooden beads

■ Paint­box Cot­ton DK, 100% cot­ton, 125m/ 137yd per 50g, one ball in Bal­let Pink (453)

■ Twil­leys Goldfin­ger­ing, 80% vis­cose, 20% polyester, 100m/109yd per 25g, one ball in Gold (02)

■ Small piece of card

■ Acrylic gouache paint (we used Turner Acryl Gouache in Yellow Green, Pas­tel Lilac, Phthalo Green, Rose, White, Deep Pink and Mus­tard)

■ Gold spray paint

■ Flat headed paint brush, 1cm ( /8") wide 3

■ Wooden skewers

■ 5cm (2") pom pom maker

■ Yarn nee­dle

■ Bleach

■ Clothes peg

■ Tape mea­sure Com­bine the bead lamp­shade trend with a Pol­ish pa­jaki chan­de­lier aes­thetic and you’ve got state­ment dé­cor to lift any room. The best thing about this project is the mul­t­i­craft as­pect – you’ll be paint­ing beads, mak­ing tas­sels and dip dye­ing with bleach.

To cover the hoop, wind a long


dou­ble thick­ness length of pink yarn onto a clothes peg. Tie the cut ends of the yarn onto the hoop.

Wrap the yarn over the hoop to form a loop, take the clothes peg and yarn un­der the hoop and through the loop and pull tight to knot around the hoop. Re­peat all around the hoop, push­ing the knots to­gether as you go.

Paint six 3cm (1¼") beads, nine


2.5cm (1") beads, 11 2cm (¾") beads, 15 1.5cm ( /8") beads and


seven 1cm ( /8") ones. Us­ing the


paint brush, the main im­age as a guide and a wooden skewer to hold and ro­tate the bead, coat each bead with a base colour. Once dry, dec­o­rate in dif­fer­ent colours. Cre­ate graphic shapes by dab­bing the tip of the brush onto the bead – this cre­ates a dashed ef­fect – or a quick swipe of the brush to give a stroke ef­fect. For dots, use the han­dle end of the brush. For gold beads, coat in spray paint fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions in a well-ven­ti­lated area. Leave to dry.

To make a tas­sel, wind the pink


yarn around the card 40 times. Cut a 140cm (551/ 8") length of yarn and slip it through the bun­dle of yarn on one side. Make sure you have even amounts of yarn on each side and se­cure with a dou­ble knot. Re­move the bun­dle from the card and re­shape so the knot is at the top. 1.5cm ( /8") down from the


knot, wind a length of the gold yarn tightly around the bun­dle 10 times. Wind ad­ja­cent to, rather than on top of, each wrap to cre­ate a wide strip. Se­cure with a knot and trim any ex­cess. Cut the bot­tom of the tas­sel to re­lease the strands of yarn and trim neatly. Re­peat three times to make four tas­sels.

To cre­ate the om­bré ef­fect on


the bot­tom of the tas­sels, dip the

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