Yarn­bomb­ing ideas

Brighten up the neigh­bour­hood with Katie Jones’ bold flow­ers, made for yarn­bomb­ing

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Bold crochet flow­ers for bright­en­ing up your neigh­bour­hood


■ DK, aran, chunky and su­per chunky yarn, each in green and four other shades

■ Crochet hooks to suit the yarn weights


Ten­sion is not im­por­tant for this project


st(s) stitch(es)

ch chain

ch-sp(s) chain space(s)

ss slip stitch

yrh yarn round hook dc dou­ble crochet

tr tre­ble

tr2­tog tre­ble 2 sts to­gether – (yrh, in­sert hook in next st, yrh and pull up loop, yrh and draw through 2 loops) twice, yrh and draw through all loops on hook

tr3­tog tre­ble 3 sts to­gether – (yrh, in­sert hook in next st, yrh and pull up loop, yrh and draw through 2 loops) three times, yrh and draw through all loops on hook

dtr dou­ble tre­ble We’re very pro yarn­bomb­ing here at Mol­lie Makes HQ – get­ting your yarny hand­i­work out into the wild can brighten up a neigh­bour­hood, bring a com­mu­nity to­gether and make peo­ple smile.

Con­nect with your lo­cal craft shop or group and get plot­ting your make. Think about dec­o­rat­ing tree trunks, bol­lards, fenc­ing or benches, just make sure you get per­mis­sion and mea­sure up be­fore­hand. A project with lots of mo­tifs means every­one gets to play, and those not con­fi­dent with crochet can get stuck in with join­ing and assem­bling.


This pat­tern is for a flower mo­tif and a leaf shape. By chang­ing the yarn and hook size, you can use the same pat­tern to make flow­ers and leaves in dif­fer­ent sizes. The thicker the yarn and big­ger the crochet hook, the big­ger the flow­ers will be. We rec­om­mend mak­ing pan­els with a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent sized mo­tifs, then join­ing them on or around the yarn­bomb­ing ob­ject. Use ca­ble ties for added se­cu­rity.


Di­vide and sep­a­rate out the yarns into the three yarn weight groups and within each group into colours.


Choose a size flower to make and pick four colours (A, B, C and D) in the same yarn weight group to­gether with a suit­ably sized crochet hook.

Foun­da­tion us­ing Yarn A, ch4 and ss into first st to form a ring

Round 1 ch1 (counts as 1dc), 7dc in ring, ss to ch1 to join, break yarn and fas­ten off [8 sts]

Round 2 join Yarn B into any st with a ss, (ch2, tr2­tog) into same st (to­gether these for the start­ing tr3­tog), ch2, *tr3­tog in next st, ch2; re­peat from * to end of round, ss into top of start­ing tr3­tog, break yarn and fas­ten off [8 tr3­tog and 8 2ch-sps]

Round 3 join Yarn C into any 2ch-sp with a dc, ch4, (1dc, ch4) in each 2ch-sp around, ss to 1st dc to join [8 4ch-sps]

Round 4 (1dc, 4tr, 1dc) in each 4ch-sp around, ss to 1st dc to join, break yarn and fas­ten off [48 sts] Round 5 turn flower to the wrong side, start with a long tail and join Yarn D around the post of any dc from Round 3 with a dc, ch5, *1dc around post of next dc from Round 3, ch5; re­peat from * to end of round, ss to 1st dc to join, turn so the right side is fac­ing [8 5ch-sps] Round 6 (1dc, 2tr, 1dtr, 2tr, 1dc) in each 5ch-sp around, ss to 1st dc to join, break yarn and fas­ten off leav­ing a long tail for join­ing [8 petals]

Sew in all ends ex­cept those of the last 2 rounds – these will be used for join­ing. Re­peat the Flower in a mix of sizes and colours. If cov­er­ing a large space, opt for mak­ing more of the larger sizes.


Spread a se­lec­tion of flow­ers out and ar­range. Us­ing the ends of the last rounds of the flower mo­tif, thread through the petal of the near­est flower and dou­ble knot on the re­verse. Cut the ends. Save the long ends and use to se­cure petals that are able to reach each other. Make mul­ti­ple pan­els flat, then join to­gether on the in­tended yarn­bomb area.


Make leaves in var­i­ous sizes Foun­da­tion us­ing green yarn, leave a long tail at the start, ch8, ch1 and pull the work­ing loop into a long ex­tended st around 7cm

(2 ") long

Row 1 rein­sert hook into 8th ch, pull yarn through and work 1dc into this st to se­cure, 1tr in each of next 6 sts, 1dc in last st, break yarn and fas­ten off leav­ing a long tail

Cut the ex­tended st at the top to turn into two equal length strands – these, plus the start­ing and end tails, will be used for ty­ing. Use the leaves to se­cure any larger gaps be­tween the flow­ers and to join the pan­els to­gether. Thread the loose ends through ei­ther the mid­dle sts of petals or over Round 5 dc posts, pulling the ends through to the back and se­cur­ing with a dou­ble knot. Trim the ends to fin­ish.

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