Ad­vent cal­en­dar

Count­down to Christ­mas the Scandi way with an easy-sew wall hanging

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50cm x 55cm (19¾ x 215/ 8") white spotty cot­ton fab­ric (we used Makower Mono­chrome in Spot-White) (Fab­ric 1) 50cm x 55cm (19¾ x 215/ 8") blue cot­ton fab­ric (we used Robert Kauf­man Kona Solids in Dres­den Blue) (Fab­ric 2) 50cm x 55cm (19¾ x 215/ 8") pink cot­ton fab­ric (we used Robert Kauf­man Kona Solids in Bellini) (Fab­ric 3) 50cm x 55cm (19¾ x 215/ 8") dark red cot­ton fab­ric (we used Robert Kauf­man Kona Solids in Crim­son) (Fab­ric 4) Wooden dowel, 50cm (19¾"), 0.5cm (¼") di­am­e­ter Two 44 x 67cm (173/ x


263/ 8") pieces of medium-weight cot­ton cal­ico in nat­u­ral 44cm x 61cm (173/ x 24")


stiff sew-in in­ter­fac­ing 75cm (29½") nat­u­ral cot­ton cord, 0.5cm (¼") di­am­e­ter Trans­fer pa­per Craft knife Cut­ting mat Ro­tary com­pass Match­ing sewing thread Forgo the shop-bought choco­late cal­en­dar this year in favour of a hand­made beauty you’ll look for­ward to hanging in your home.

We think count­ing down to Christ­mas shouldn’t be ex­clu­sive to kids, so fill the pockets with mini gifts the whole fam­ily’ll love.

01 Cut the fab­ric pieces for the pockets. Fold Fab­ric 1 in half with right sides (RS) to­gether and cut four tri­an­gles us­ing the tem­plate on page 92, mak­ing four pairs.

02 Fold Fab­ric 2 in half with right sides (RS) to­gether. Cut three 10.5cm (4¼") squares and three 19 x 10.5cm (7½ x 4¼") rec­tan­gles, mak­ing six pairs.

03 Fold Fab­ric 3 in half with right sides (RS) to­gether. Cut two 10.5 x 8cm (4¼ x 31/ 8") rec­tan­gles and three 10.5 x 14cm (7½ x 5½") rec­tan­gles, mak­ing five pairs.

04 Fold Fab­ric 4 in half and mark out three 11cm (43/ 8") ra­dius cir­cles. Mark a straight line 1cm ( /8") 3 above what would be the cen­tre of the cir­cle, then cut out the larger half cir­cles, mak­ing three pairs.

05 Lay out the in­ter­fac­ing with the length run­ning hor­i­zon­tally, then place the two cal­ico pieces on top, RS to­gether, and align­ing the bot­tom and side edges. Pin the bot­tom and sides, then sew 1cm ( /8") in from the three edges, 3 leav­ing the top edge un­sewn.

06 Turn the lay­ers RS out with the in­ter­fac­ing in­be­tween the cal­ico lay­ers. Fold the stiff in­ter­fac­ing seams flat and press.

07 Fold the open top edge to the wrong side ( WS) by 1cm ( /8") and 3 pin. Top stitch around all four edges roughly 0.25cm ( /8") in. 1

08 Fold the top edge to the back by 3cm (1¼"), then pin and sew 0.25cm ( /8") in from the orig­i­nal top 1 edge to create a chan­nel.

09 Take the fab­ric pairs cut out in Steps 1- 4 and pin and sew around the edges of each pair, 1cm ( /8") in, 3 and leav­ing a gap of ap­prox­i­mately

5cm (2") on one side. For the tri­an­gle and semi- cir­cle pieces, make sure the gap isn’t on the long­est straight edge, as this will form the top of the pocket. Trim the corners of each pair, and on the semi- cir­cle pieces, trim the curved edge seams to 0.5cm ( "). Turn the pockets RS out through

10 the gaps, fold the edges of the gaps to the WS, then press.

11 Use the tem­plates on page 92 to draw the num­bers onto the trans­fer pa­per. Cut each num­ber out us­ing the craft knife and cut­ting mat.

12 Fold the three blue rec­tan­gle pockets and two pink rec­tan­gle pockets in half along the length and press – these will each be sewn into two pockets along the cen­tre. Place the cal­ico base with the chan­nel at the top and seam at the back. Ar­range the pockets onto the base as shown in the main im­age.

13 Lay the num­bers onto each pocket, not­ing which pockets will be split into two and need two num­bers. Take each pocket in turn and place the num­bers with the back­ing pa­per fac­ing up, roughly 1.5cm ( /8") in from the bot­tom right 5 cor­ner if it’s a square or rec­tan­gle, or from the top right cor­ner if it’s a semi- cir­cle or tri­an­gle.

14 Care­fully re­move each pocket from the back­ing and press the num­bers in place fol­low­ing the trans­fer pa­per in­struc­tions. Leave to cool for half an hour – or as per the in­struc­tions – be­fore care­fully re­mov­ing the back­ing pa­per.

15 Place the pockets back and pin in po­si­tion. Sew along the side and bot­tom edges of each one, 0.25cm ( /8") in, leav­ing the top edge open. 1 For the pockets that are split in two, sew along the pressed cen­tre crease. Sew the over­lapped pockets first, then place the over­lap­ping pockets back and sew.

16 To fin­ish, thread the length of dowel through the chan­nel, then tie the cot­ton cord to ei­ther end and use for hanging.

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