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FIMO Leather Ef­fect in Black, Ivory and Ochre FIMO Leather Tex­ture Sheet

FIMO Leaf Metal in Gold FIMO Var­nish for Leaf Metal

FIMO rolling pin Small star-shaped cut­ters

Craft knife


Bak­ing tray

Fine sand­pa­per Paint brush Wooden branch, 40cm (15 ") long Gold thread



Two of Team Mol­lie’s fave things are new prod­ucts and easy hacks, so when we dis­cov­ered FIMO Leather Ef­fect clay we couldn’t wait to have a go. Or rather, ask su­per-tal­ented maker He­len Ward from House of Wards to get play­ing.

It can be mixed with other colours and rolled out, just like reg­u­lar FIMO, but once it’s baked, their Leather Ef­fect clay acts just like leather – it can be cut, bent into shapes and even sewn. Our tiny minds are of­fi­cially blown.

This Scandi-in­spired wall hang­ing tries out some of th­ese tech­niques, and uses other ac­ces­sories from FIMO’s amaz­ing new range, in­clud­ing Leaf Metal and Tex­ture Sheets. After all, what crafter could re­sist a luxe leather look at a frac­tion of the price?

Pre­heat the oven to 130 ºC


(266ºF/Gas Mark 1) and pre­pare a clean sur­face. Roll out half a block of white FIMO and half a block of black FIMO to about 0.25cm ( /8")


thick. Press the Tex­ture Sheet onto the sur­face of the FIMO to cre­ate a leather-look pat­tern.

Cut each colour into two 8 x


5cm (31/ x 2") tri­an­gles and one 5 x


4cm (2 x 15/ 8") tri­an­gle. Set th­ese to one side on a bak­ing tray, be­ing care­ful not to stretch the shapes as they’re moved.

Use the star-shaped cut­ters to


make one medium sized star and two small stars from the re­main­ing rolled- out black clay.

Clean the sur­face again to keep


the colours sep­a­rate, then roll out half a block of ochre FIMO to around 0.5cm ( ") thick. Ap­ply a sheet of gold Leaf Metal to the top of the clay and smooth it down gen­tly with your fin­gers.

Roll out the FIMO again to a


0.25cm ( 1 /8") thick­ness, stretch­ing the gold across the sur­face of the clay to cre­ate a crack­led ef­fect. If

there are any large gaps, add more gold and roll it in.

Press the Leather Tex­ture Sheet


onto the sur­face of the clay, then cut two 8 x 5cm (31/ x 2") tri­an­gles

8 and one 5 x 4cm (2 x 15/ 8") tri­an­gle and place them on the bak­ing tray.

Roll out the re­main­der of the


black FIMO to around 0.5cm ( ")

thick and ap­ply a sheet of gold Leaf Metal. Roll out again to 0.25cm ( /8")


to cre­ate a cracked ef­fect, then cut out one large star shape.

Roll the re­main­ing black FIMO


and gold leaf into a ball to dis­perse the metal­lic flakes and to cre­ate a

sparkly ef­fect. Add in more gold Leaf Metal for more sparkles if de­sired, then roll out to 0.25cm

( /8"). Cut three medium stars and


three small stars from this piece.

Bake all the FIMO shapes


fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions on the packet, us­ing an oven ther­mome­ter to check the tem­per­a­ture is con­sis­tently at 130 ºC for 30 min­utes. Al­low the FIMO to cool com­pletely be­fore han­dling.

Care­fully use fine sand­pa­per


to smooth any rough edges on each shape. Seal the sur­face of the metal­lic shapes us­ing the paint brush and var­nish. Leave to dry.

Us­ing the awl, or a sim­i­lar sharp


tool, make holes in each of the clay pieces for the thread. Sew the tri­an­gles in sets of three, us­ing the main im­age as a guide, to cre­ate tree shapes, then add long lengths of string to the top of each piece for hang­ing, knot­ting se­curely.

Plan the lay­out of the shapes on


a flat sur­face first, then take a pic­ture for ref­er­ence, or use the main im­age as a guide. Tie a length of string to ei­ther end of the branch and hang this first, then add the trees on the long­est strings, ad­just­ing as nec­es­sary to bal­ance. Add the stars above the trees at dif­fer­ent heights, then trim any re­main­ing loose ends to fin­ish.

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