Macramé neck­lace

Craft wear­able art with Heather Stevens’ macramé state­ment neck­lace

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Knot your way to a hand­made ac­ces­sory that’ll go with any out­fit, from cosy knits to Big Night Out par­ty­wear


MA­TE­RI­ALS ■ Su­per­soft Sin­gle Twist String, 3mm in Mer­lot (ours was from www. niro­mas­tu­ ■ Gold neck­lace chain ■ Fine tooth comb

If you’re as ob­sessed as we are with macramé wall hang­ings, mak­ing a scaled- down jew­ellery ver­sion is the next step to­wards be­ing the ul­ti­mate boho queen.

A sim­ple and easy in­tro into the craft, this is a fun one to do with friends for a crafty night in. Use your chunky new ac­ces­sory to style up an over­sized win­ter knit, and if the hue isn’t for you, switch up the colours to match your vibe.

Start by cut­ting nine 1m (393/ 8")


length cords. Fold the cords in half and at­tach to the cen­tre of the neck­lace us­ing lark’s head knot, fol­low­ing the guide on page 87.

Next, be­gin the di­a­mond


pat­tern. Sec­tion the cords into three groups with six cords in each, and start with the first sec­tion. Take the two mid­dle cords of this sec­tion – th­ese will be the filler cords. Cross them over the pairs of cords di­rectly ei­ther side of them – those will be the work­ing cords. While hold­ing the left filler cord,

be­gin wrap­ping it with the work­ing cord clos­est to it us­ing a clove hitch knot, fol­low­ing the guide on page 87. Con­tinue this knot once more un­til both work­ing cords are at­tached to the left filler cord. Re­peat with the right filler cord, work­ing down the right-hand side to form an up­side down ‘ V’.

Re­peat Step 2 with the other


two cord groups, cre­at­ing three

up­side down ‘V’s in to­tal.

Fol­low­ing the guide on page 87,

04 fill in each di­a­mond with a square knot, us­ing the four cen­tre work­ing cords in the up­side down ‘ V’ shape.

Fin­ish the di­a­mond pat­tern in


each cord group as per Step 2, this time us­ing clove hitch knots that de­scend in­ward into a ‘ V’ shape. Next, close off each di­a­mond by ty­ing a clove hitch knot with the filler cords. In the left and mid­dle sec­tions, use the right filler cord to tie a clove hitch knot around the left filler cord. In the right-hand sec­tion, use the left filler cord to tie a clove hitch knot around the right filler cord. This will en­sure the out­side di­a­monds close in­wards.

Start on the sec­ond row of


di­a­monds by tak­ing the sixth cord

in from the two out­side di­a­monds, and plac­ing them against the mid­dle di­a­mond’s bot­tom row of clove hitch knots. Th­ese will now be the filler cords for the new row of di­a­monds.

Use the three cords hang­ing


from the mid­dle di­a­mond to tie a clove hitch knot around the new

filler cords, keep­ing it as close to the mid­dle di­a­mond as pos­si­ble. Next, take the first cords from the top of the new­est clove hitch knot rows – th­ese are now filler cords. Use th­ese to com­plete an up­side­down ‘ V’ pat­tern against the two out­side di­a­monds, us­ing their two hang­ing cords to tie a clove hitch knot around the new filler cords.

Close off the sec­ond row of

08 di­a­monds as per Step 5, then start the fi­nal di­a­mond by fol­low­ing the tech­niques used in Steps 6 and 7.

Trim the top and bot­tom two

09 cords to guide how long the fringe will be, then trim the cords di­ag­o­nally ei­ther side us­ing a ruler for a more pre­cise cut.

Brush out the cords us­ing the

10 comb to cre­ate a fringe, then trim the fringe once more us­ing the ruler and scis­sors to fin­ish.

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