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Q I’ve read that my baby can have cooked foods with cow’s milk as an in­gre­di­ent from six months, but she shouldn’t drink it un­til she’s one – why?

Rachel Pater­son, Wilt­shire It is per­fectly fine to give your baby cow’s milk with her food from six months old, and it doesn’t have to be ‘cooked’. But think of cow’s milk as ‘food’ rather than as ‘milk’. You can’t sub­sti­tute cow’s milk for breast- or for­mula-feed­ing un­til your baby is 12 months old, be­cause it doesn’t have the cor­rect level of nu­tri­ents for a grow­ing hu­man. But it’s great to feed some within her food quota in her wean­ing jour­ney, whether that’s a splash on ce­real or baked in a rice pud­ding. JC

Q Should I use whole­meal or white bread when wean­ing? Alis Hoop­man, Ban­gor

Some peo­ple think ba­bies should only be given white bread, to avoid whole­grains due to the amount of in­sol­u­ble fi­bre, but oth­ers say whole­grain is best be­cause it con­tains higher lev­els of nu­tri­ents and less sugar. Ei­ther choice is fine, but as a nutritionist, I chose to give both my chil­dren whole­grain bread and foods from six months old. Which­ever you choose, read the la­bel and opt for bread without added sugar, and watch the salt con­tent – a slice of bread can con­tain up to 0.5g of salt and a baby can only han­dle 1g a day. Or make your own, so you can con­trol those in­gre­di­ents! JC

Q Can you sug­gest some in­ter­est­ing pic­nic foods for a tod­dler? Mine is get­ting bored of butties! Leanne Har­ris, West York­shire

Make some savoury muffins – you’ll never go back to sand­wiches once you know how quick and easy they are to make! You can add all kinds of veg­gies and use a whole­grain flour to fur­ther boost the nutri­tion. They taste great served cold and are also suit­able for freez­ing, so you can bake a batch. Serve along­side strips of pitta or crack­ers with dips such as hummus, and some lit­tle cubes of cheese. I find my chil­dren re­ally en­joy lots of ‘picky bits’ when we go for a pic­nic. JC

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