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When it’s too cold to go out­side, keep her busy in­doors with these en­ergy-burn­ing ac­tiv­i­ties

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Us­ing some dou­ble-sided sticky tape, make a criss-cross web at tod­dler­height across the width of a door frame. Scrunch up balls of news­pa­per and place them in a bucket. Ask your tod­dler to throw the balls as hard as she can at the open door frame. She might have to stand back or throw some harder than oth­ers. When she’s thrown all of the balls, she can pick them all off and start again!


Give your tod­dler a wooden spoon and go on a trea­sure hunt around the house to find ob­jects that make a dif­fer­ent noise when they’re banged. As well as a saucepan, you might end up with a plas­tic bowl, soft cush­ion, tin of baked beans, ce­real packet, welly… Take them all into the liv­ing room and ar­range them in a big cir­cle. Your tod­dler can run around her orches­tra and make a proper racket!


Find a floaty scarf each for you and your tod­dler – muslins will do if you don’t have any. Don’t tell your tot, but start copy­ing what­ever she does with hers. She’ll take a while to twig what you’re up to, but then she’ll go wild!


Gather all of his cud­dly an­i­mal toys and dot them around the house. Choose which one you’re start­ing with, and en­cour­age her to make that an­i­mal sound, and move like it too. When you get to the next an­i­mal, then im­per­son­ate that one in­stead. You’ll soon find out which crea­ture she en­joys be­ing most!


Stick two par­al­lel lines of mask­ing tape onto the floor, mak­ing lots of twists and turns, and go­ing from room to room and even up onto the sofa! Chal­lenge her to walk be­tween the lines, but then mix it up – can she crawl, tip-toe and jump along, too? Call it a road and she’ll play with her cars on it, or a track for her trains, a path for her cud­dlies…


Tape sheets of A4 paper to the floor with mask­ing tape, and tell her these are step­ping stones and the liv­ing-room car­pet is a big lake. Can she cross from the sofa is­land to the chair with­out get­ting her feet wet? She’ll love it if you play along and pre­tend to dip a toe in to find that the wa­ter’s very chilly – or fall in!


Got a wooden board puz­zle? Lay the empty board in the mid­dle of the liv­ing room and hide all the pegged pieces. To start with, put the puz­zle pieces in plain view but, once she gets the idea, start to pop them in places where just a bit is pok­ing out. She’ll love rac­ing round to find the pieces.


Get a stack of bright, dif­fer­ent-coloured Post-it notes and stick them all around the room – your tod­dler will love help­ing with this job. Then ask her to col­lect the green ones: time her, so she races around to col­lect them. Then chal­lenge her to get all the yel­low ones in less time… then the or­ange ones!


Tod­dlers love a boo­gie and, so far, she’s prob­a­bly only had chance to dance to mu­sic that you like! Head on­line to ra­dio.gar­den and you can lis­ten live to thou­sands of ra­dio sta­tions around the world. Who knows whether she’ll love shim­my­ing to an Asian beat, rock­ing out to Amer­i­can metal, or kick­ing her legs to some Ser­bian folk? But, be warned, she’ll ex­pect you to join in too!

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