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Has the price of new boats got a bit silly of late? It’s a de­bate that has been rag­ing on the mby.com fo­rum for a while now and I’m still not sure what the an­swer is. Take one of the boats in this is­sue. When we tested the FAIRLINE TARGA 44 in 2007 the start­ing price was £381,875 inc VAT. The new FAIRLINE TARGA 43 tested on p72 starts at £608,280. On the face of it that’s a pretty big leap in 11 years but the world has changed a lot since then, as have cus­tomer ex­pec­ta­tions.

For starters, the new Targa 43 is ac­tu­ally a much big­ger boat than the old 44 – it’s 19in longer, 11in wider and a whop­ping 3ft 10in taller. That’s a lot of ex­tra raw ma­te­ri­als, es­pe­cially when you’re buy­ing most of them in eu­ros at a rate of 1.10 to the pound, com­pared with 1.36 back in 2007. The UK VAT rate has also risen from 17.5% to 20% in that time.

Even with­out th­ese dis­tor­tions, the RPI in­dex means that some­thing cost­ing £381,875 in 2007 is likely to cost £526,000 to­day. But per­haps the most salient point is that prices for all new boats have gone up by a sim­i­lar mar­gin yet none of the yards are mak­ing ex­ces­sive prof­its. In other words that’s sim­ply what it now costs to de­velop, build and sell a com­pet­i­tive new boat sus­tain­ably. The trou­ble is that not ev­ery­one’s salary seem to have gone up at quite the same rate. Good job I bought my boat back in 2007 then! DON’T M I S S O U T ! There sim­ply aren’t enough pages to cram ev­ery­thing into this is­sue so make sure you watch our videos too. You can en­joy a tour of the foil­ing

PRINCESS R35, join Jack on a sea trial of the FAIRLINE TARGA 43 and learn how to MA­NOEU­VRE ON ONE EN­GINE among other things.

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