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I have an idea that may save lives. Look­ing for a man in the wa­ter is like look­ing for a nee­dle in a haystack. But what if the nee­dle had a bal­loon float­ing over it? My idea is to have a pouch built into a lif­er­aft or life­jacket with a brightly coloured bal­loon in­side it at­tached to 200ft of light wa­ter­proof line and a small can­is­ter of he­lium. In an emer­gency you could in­flate the bal­loon so that it would rise into the air to help at­tract at­ten­tion. Per­sonal ones could have minia­ture strobe lights, while larger ver­sions could carry radar re­flec­tors or aerial ex­ten­sions for per­sonal lo­ca­tor bea­cons and hand­held VHFS. Jack Phimis­ter That’s an in­trigu­ing idea, even if I can see some is­sues with high winds and rough seas. Let’s put it out there and see if it gen­er­ates any in­ter­est. Hugo

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