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I am an avid reader of your mag­a­zine and am now think­ing of plac­ing an or­der for a new Princess F62.

I read your test and watched the video but I would ap­pre­ci­ate some more in­for­ma­tion about how well the Sea­keeper sta­biliser coped with the par­tic­u­larly bad weather of the test. Menelaos Tas­sopou­los All sta­biliser sys­tems have com­pro­mises. Fin sys­tems are very ef­fec­tive but add drag. The Sea­keeper is in­side the boat, which negates this is­sue but even­tu­ally it reaches the lim­its of its pre­ces­sion, whereas fins can create con­tin­u­ous re­sis­tance as long as the boat keeps mov­ing. That said the Princess 62 is a tall boat and the con­di­tions on test were par­tic­u­larly ar­du­ous with strong wind over fast tide cre­at­ing very un­pleas­ant stand­ing waves. In those con­di­tions, I felt that the Sea­keeper ul­ti­mately ran out of lever­age but to be fair, it’s hard to imag­ine any sim­i­lar boat re­main­ing level in these con­di­tions, re­gard­less of sta­biliser sys­tem. Even­tu­ally, when it gets bad enough, physics and Mother Na­ture will al­ways win. But in calmer con­di­tions and at an­chor the Sea­keeper sys­tem works very well, and the Princess 62 is a very im­pres­sive boat. Nick

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