Here’s Honda’s lat­est patent de­signs for the Neo Wing

The three-wheeler, lean­ing Gold Wing thing is go­ing to have power steer­ing!

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It’s been a mo­tor­cy­cle that’s com­ing ever since the pro­to­type/ con­cept bike was shown to the pub­lic in Oc­to­ber 2015, and just a few days ago Honda filed these lat­est de­signs for the pro­duc­tion ver­sion of the huge Neo Wing.

Pow­ered by the same 1832cc six-cylin­der mo­tor that feeds the cur­rent Gold Wing su­per tourer, we can now be sure that the pro­duc­tion of the Neo Wing will also run with at least one elec­tric mo­tor which will power the heavy steer­ing units for the two mas­sive front wheels.

Re­gard­ing items 41 and 42a, the patent says: “The ac­tu­a­tor, 41, is an elec­tric mo­tor or a flu­idic de­vice con­fig­ured to gen­er­ate a torque around a cen­tral axis. A mo­tor, 42a, (a ro­tat­ing elec­tric ma­chine) in­clud­ing a sta­tor and a ro­tor is ac­com­mo­dated in the hous­ing.”

There’s no in­di­ca­tion of when we’re likely to see this bike in the flesh – and this lat­est patent de­sign is firmly set on the me­chan­i­cal out­lay and work­ings of the com­plex and heavy front end steer­ing sys­tem – so we’ve clearly got some way to go be­fore we can get out and ride a road-go­ing ver­sion of the orig­i­nal Neo Wing con­cept. But Honda’s still work­ing on this bike. It’s go­ing to hap­pen.

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