Kawasaki’s Ver­sys SE ups the game

The full-spec de­tails of the rad­i­cally up­dated road­ster make for great news.

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Last month we man­aged to get some early de­tail of the big Kawasaki for 2019 and now we have all the de­tails about what Big Green has done to the Ver­sys and Ver­sys SE.

And what the fac­tory has added to the al­ready pop­u­lar bike in what is a big shake-up for 1043cc in­line four­cylin­der mo­tor­cy­cle is quite amaz­ing. Here’s the de­tails:

1/ NEW in­line four en­gine

The 1043cc in­line four has, ac­cord­ing to Kawasaki, strong torque at all rpm (es­pe­cially in the low-mid range), and a new in­take howl. Elec­tronic throt­tle valves are used for the first time on the 2019 Ver­sys and the bike has of Elec­tronic Cruise Con­trol.

The elec­tronic throt­tle valves mean ideal fuel in­jec­tion and throt­tle valve po­si­tion, which means smooth re­sponse and prime en­gine out­put at all throt­tle po­si­tions while the bike also gets an as­sist and slip­per clutch which gives both a back-torque lim­it­ing func­tion as well as a light lever feel.

2/ Long-travel sus­pen­sion + sporty 17in Wheels

Light­weight 17in wheels front and rear mean quick, sporty han­dling.

3/ NEW KCMF (Kawasaki Cor­ner­ing Man­age­ment Func­tion)

Us­ing feed­back from a com­pact Bosch IMU, the KCMF sys­tem mon­i­tors en­gine and chas­sis pa­ram­e­ters through­out the corner, mod­u­lat­ing brake force and en­gine power for a smooth tran­si­tion from ac­cel­er­a­tion to brak­ing and back again, help­ing bike and rider keep on a con­sis­tent line through a corner. On the Ver­sys 1000, KCMF over­sees the fol­low­ing sys­tems: ■ KECS (this is on the SE ver­sion only) ■ KIBS (in­clud­ing pitch­ing man­age­ment and corner brak­ing man­age­ment)

4/ NEW ra­dial-mount front brake calipers

The ø310mm front petal discs are now gripped by highly rigid ra­dial-mount monobloc calipers com­ple­mented by a ra­dial-pump front brake master cylin­der.

5/ KIBS (Kawasaki In­tel­li­gent anti-lock Brake Sys­tem)

KIBS is now stan­dard equip­ment on the Ver­sys 1000. This is the same base sys­tem used on the Ninja H2 and Ninja ZX-10R, with pro­gram­ming and set­tings re­vised to suit street rid­ing needs.

6/ NEW KECS (Kawasaki Elec­tronic Con­trol Sus­pen­sion) (SE)

KECS adapts to road and rid­ing con­di­tions in real time, pro­vid­ing the ideal amount of damp­ing. KECS also in­cludes elec­tron­i­cally ad­justable rear preload. Rid­ers can choose from three pay­load modes (each with +5/-5 ad­just­ment): ■ Rider only ■ Rider with lug­gage ■ Rider with pas­sen­ger and lug­gage

7/ NEW in­te­grated rid­ing modes (SE): Sport, Road, Rain, Rider (man­ual)

All-in­clu­sive modes that link KTRC, Power Mode and KECS al­low rid­ers to set traction con­trol, power de­liv­ery and sus­pen­sion char­ac­ter to suit a given rid­ing sit­u­a­tion.

8/ NEW KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shifter) (SE)

En­ables clutch­less up­shifts and down­shifts for seam­less ac­cel­er­a­tion and quick and easy de­cel­er­a­tion.

9/ NEW ad­justable wind­screen

The ad­justable wind­screen can now be ad­justed from the rider’s seat.

10/ NEW two avail­able seats

Two front seats are avail­able: the stan­dard Com­fort Seat fea­tures thicker ure­thane cush­ion­ing, pro­vid­ing the com­fort to en­able long hours in the sad­dle, while of­fer­ing taller rid­ers a re­laxed knee bend an­gle. The ac­ces­sory Low Seat (20mm lower) comes from Kawasaki’s Ergo-Fit ac­ces­sory range.

11/ NEW LED lights

Each of the new LED head­lamps fea­tures low and high beams as well as po­si­tion lamps. Each of the three builtin cor­ner­ing lights has a fixed di­rec­tion and is ac­ti­vated based on lean an­gle. 12/ NEW in­stru­men­ta­tion

The ana­logue-style tachome­ter is com­ple­mented by a full dig­i­tal LCD screen (STD model), or a high-grade full colour TFT LCD screen (SE model).

13/ NEW Highly Durable Paint (SE)

Kawasaki’s new Highly Durable paint and Highly Durable matte paint fea­ture a spe­cial coat that al­lows scratches to re­pair them­selves.

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