Clau­dio Fonte, Scram­bler prod­uct man­ager

Motorcycle Monthly - - Launch Report -

MCM: Three years on from the first re­lease, did you ex­pect the Scram­bler range to reach such heights, and is that why there have been so many vari­a­tions?

CF: It was al­ways the hope from the be­gin­ning, and for us the model was im­por­tant with the his­tory of the brand go­ing back to the 60s. In all hon­esty though, we never thought it was go­ing to be such a big suc­cess! Es­pe­cially so with the whole life­style as­pect of the brand, which is why it ex­panded so soon, in or­der to sat­isfy a huge va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent cus­tomers while re­main­ing true to the core val­ues of the brand, and the free spirit.

MCM: What was the main fo­cus for the 2019 Scram­bler Icon in the de­sign­ing stage, and what do you feel is the big­gest and best im­prove­ment from the pre­vi­ous model?

CF: The main fo­cus was on rider and pas­sen­ger com­fort, along­side safety and then im­prov­ing the look. This brought us to the sus­pen­sion changes first in or­der to cre­ate a bet­ter ride, which meant we changed the springs, hy­draulics and even with a hy­draulic stop on the end of the forks to of­fer a bet­ter feel­ing. We did a lot of work on the seat as well, with a whole new shape. Safety is a huge pil­lar in the ethos of Du­cati which is why the Bosch Corner ABS was added on, and although we did play around with it, we felt that traction con­trol was not nec­es­sary. Thanks to the ABS need­ing an IMU, we also man­aged to add on an­other func­tion, which au­to­mat­i­cally de­ac­ti­vates the in­di­ca­tors.

MCM: Just like on a car! So how does that work?

CF: Just as the IMU mea­sures the lean an­gle, speed and dis­tance for the ABS, it also com­mu­ni­cates with the in­di­ca­tors, so it will mea­sure the time you have it on, cal­cu­late when you’ve fin­ished the turn by the lean an­gle and au­to­mat­i­cally switch it off. It’s lit­tle things that make life eas­ier, and this ma­chine was all about lit­tle im­prove­ments.

MCM: If the en­gine is ex­actly the same, how come the power and torque fig­ures are slightly down on the pre­vi­ous model?

CF: Well, the en­gine is fine­tuned slightly dif­fer­ently but is still near enough the same, and with the power fig­ures there’s been a mi­nor ad­just­ment in the process of declar­ing and mea­sur­ing power. It’s just a mat­ter of sta­tis­tics.

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