Shark D-Sk­wal and Caberg Drift Tour

If you wear glasses, find­ing a hel­met that works for you can be a lit­tle tricky. So to help, we've rus­tled up a brief guide – and taken a look at a pair of lids, weigh­ing up the pros and cons of each.

Motorcycle Monthly - - Tried & Tested - Words: Bob Pick­ett

There are things you can do to make the wear­ing of glasses less of an is­sue when rid­ing. Note the shape of your glasses. Straight arms work best – buy ones with flashy curved arms and they’ll need that much more space to slide in. Con­sider the field of vi­sion your glasses give you. I have a pair I use mostly for rid­ing. Their lens size is quite large (not Harry Pot­ter/frog eye size), which means I don’t face prob­lems with look­ing round the edges and los­ing fo­cus. Try be­fore you buy. Some hel­mets just don’t work well with your head and glasses. At a show I slid on one lid, slipped on my glasses... and found they were sit­ting at the per­fect po­si­tion... if I wanted to see the world through my eye­lashes! Glass­es­friendly hel­mets like the D-Sk­wal help, but you will find other makes work per­fectly too. Learn the art of open­ing the vi­sor just a crack as you roll to a stop. Just enough to let in a lit­tle air, not so much that you ex­pose them to the el­e­ments (get­ting rain on your glasses is a real pain on the move). Shal­low breath­ing! Lung­fuls of air ex­pended in a huge gasp WILL get you misted up! You want to breathe in a con­trolled, shal­low way. Pulling away from the lights, I leave the vi­sor open a crack un­til we get go­ing, but take a gulp of air in which I re­lease grad­u­ally once the vi­sor is down, once I’m prop­erly rolling air­flow keeps every­thing clear. You can buy anti-mist prod­ucts for your glasses, but a num­ber of peo­ple com­plain of smear­ing ; in it­self a ma­jor prob­lem as it af­fects your vi­sion. Give it a go, they’re not ex­pen­sive and if it works, great. But put it on and try go­ing for a walk in the cold and see, not as you’re set­ting off on a long ride!

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