Does Pin­lock make any dif­fer­ence to glasses wear­ers?

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Pin­lock is a great sys­tem. By ef­fec­tively cre­at­ing dou­bleglaz­ing, it pre­vents your vi­sor from mist­ing. But if you wear glasses, it is them mist­ing that is likely to cause most of your prob­lems.

So do you get any ben­e­fit from Pin­lock as a glasses wearer? You still need to master the art of open­ing the vi­sor a crack as you roll to a halt, to stop your glasses mist­ing. But what I did find is hav­ing the vi­sor not mist­ing helps in those mo­ments in heavy traf­fic when you just can’t get it open quickly. Hav­ing one layer start­ing to mist isn’t great, but have both go at once (and they did when I had to ex­hale hard) leaves you blind.

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