The T120 Bon­nie

The T120 is the largest bike in the ex­panded Bon­neville range, phys­i­cally sim­i­lar to the slightly more retro-look­ing T100, but armed with the 1198cc par­al­lel twin it do­nates to the Bob­ber.

Motorcycle Monthly - - Used Bike Guide - Words and pic­tures: Bob Pick­ett

An 1198cc par­al­lel twin en­gine putting out 80bhp @ 6550rpm with 77.4lb-ft at 3100rpm and an es­ti­mated top speed of 130mph is housed in the T120’s dual tubu­lar steel cra­dle frame.

With a 30.9in/785mm seat height it is ac­ces­si­ble to most rid­ers. Weigh­ing in at 494lb/224kg, this is car­ried via non-ad­justable 41mm steel forks up front and twin rear shocks with ad­justable preload. Stop­ping all of this are twin 310mm front discs, sup­ported by a sin­gle 255mm rear. The T120 comes with two-set­ting heated grips as stan­dard.

So what’s it like to ride?

The T120 leans you gen­tly for­ward onto the nar­row-ish bars. Pegs are cen­trally lo­cated, mak­ing for a re­laxed rid­ing po­si­tion. It puts a lit­tle weight onto the base of the spine but it’s com­fort­able and good for a pil­lion to set­tle into.

As long as you’re at 2000 revs and above, that 1198cc en­gine will haul you smoothly. It wants to pull; I felt like I was hold­ing it back a lot of the time. The throt­tle re­sponse is silky, at no time did vi­bra­tions do any­thing as un­civilised as in­trude.

The sus­pen­sion is soft, but that’s the T120’s modus operandi, a plush ride from A to B. The easy rid­ing po­si­tion and supremely com­fort­able sad­dle lets you ride as far as the 14.5 litre tank al­lows (59 miles to the gal­lon, sug­gests a 140-150 mile range) in com­fort. I spent the morn­ing rid­ing, ex­cept for the short break to take pho­tos and I felt fresh when I stepped off the bike.

Some­where dur­ing those 150 miles you are go­ing to corner, and that is where I found the T120 to be a cu­rate’s egg. I don’t know if it is the 18-sec­tion front, the soft sus­pen­sion or a com­bi­na­tion of the two, but front end feed­back was vague, although rock solid once lean­ing.

Brakes are ex­cel­lent, al­low­ing grad­ual brak­ing but will stop you hard with a firm squeeze. The twin clocks pro­vide vast swathes of in­for­ma­tion at a glance (with a lit­tle thumb-op­er­ated tog­gle on the left hand con­trols). Talk­ing left-hand con­trols, the heated grip but­ton is so sub­tle I didn’t spot it un­til the dealer men­tioned it! It’s a two-set­ting item; I popped it on at the start of the ride (about 7-8°C) on ‘Low’, my hands were nicely warmed.

If you do a lot of tour­ing, es­pe­cially two-up and like the retro look, the T120 is for you.

What nick is it in?

It’s in great shape, with noth­ing worth not­ing that I spot­ted. With a mas­sive 10,000 miles be­tween ser­vices, it isn’t quite half-way to it’s next one.

What’s it worth?

The dealer is look­ing for £8295 for a 2016 bike with 4984 miles recorded. Our dealer search re­vealed a de­cent num­ber avail­able, with prices rang­ing from a 2016 plate with 4127 miles for £7995 to an­other 2016 bike with 1085 miles logged for £9695.

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