Cops ram moped mug­gers!

Met Po­lice un­leashes new ‘tac­ti­cal con­tact’ ap­proach to scooter crime. You do bad things on a two-wheeled ve­hi­cle, they’ll drive a po­lice car into you.

Motorcycle Monthly - - Front Page - Words: Ross Mow­bray

The Met Po­lice force has started a new cam­paign to com­bat the spi­ralling prob­lem of crim­i­nals us­ing two wheels to help them com­mit crimes in the cap­i­tal – by ram­ming the scum­bags off their stolen scoot­ers and bikes.

In in­cred­i­ble footage from on­board cam­eras mounted to po­lice cars, crim­i­nals on the run from the force are soon out of op­tions as the blue line closes in on them and uses ‘Tac­ti­cal Con­tact’ to force them off their bikes.

The lat­est ef­fort to turn the ta­bles on the crim­i­nals has de­lighted the mo­tor­cy­cle com­mu­nity and a large pro­por­tion of the pub­lic too, but af­ter MP Diane Ab­bott voiced her opin­ion against the devel­op­ment Met Po­lice chief Cres­sida Dick re­sponded in very blunt terms about why the po­lice had taken this dras­tic course of ac­tion.

It’s the news we’ve all been wait­ing for. Right now the Metropoli­tan Po­lice is us­ing a tough new ap­proach to ‘moped’ crime which sees highly trained of­fi­cers ram­ming scum­bags who com­mit se­ri­ous lev­els of crime in­volv­ing two-wheeled get­away mopeds and bikes.

The dra­matic change, where spe­cially trained, so-called ‘Scor­pion’ driv­ers use their po­lice cars to ram rid­ers and pil­lions off their bikes, has been highly praised by the mo­tor­cy­cle com­mu­nity and large sec­tions of the pub­lic.

Pre­vi­ously, crim­i­nals us­ing two wheels to es­cape the po­lice and used aver­sion tac­tics like re­mov­ing hel­mets or rid­ing pave­ments or through pedes­tri­anised ar­eas to avoid cap­ture with of­fi­cers wary of caus­ing in­jury and fac­ing po­ten­tial pros­e­cu­tion for their ac­tions. With that con­cern set aside for now with the lat­est ef­forts by the Met to curb the crim­i­nal wave, it means that the crim­i­nals are taken out of the en­su­ing chase be­fore it can get un­der way.

Dra­matic footage of of­fi­cers ram­ming flee­ing thieves off their scoot­ers in Lon­don was re­leased by the Met at the end of No­vem­ber and was im­me­di­ately praised by the gen­eral pub­lic and former of­fi­cers – de­spite some peo­ple, in­clud­ing Labour’s Shadow Home Sec­re­tary Diane Ab­bott crit­i­cis­ing it as dan­ger­ous.

But now Metropoli­tan Po­lice com­mis­sioner Cres­sida Dick has come out in de­fence of the new front line polic­ing tac­tics.

Ms Dick said pur­suit driv­ers are: “Supremely well trained,” and the ram­ming method has re­sulted in only a “very small,” num­ber of in­juries. She went on to say that the tac­tic has been brought in be­cause the Met has had to “put the fear back into the crim­i­nal.”

Com­mis­sioner Dick ad­mit­ted that at least two moped-rid­ing thieves had suf­fered bro­ken bones af­ter be­ing rammed by po­lice cars – but went on to de­fend the tac­tic and her of­fi­cers, adding: “My of­fi­cers make life and death de­ci­sions ev­ery day of the week, they’re very ac­count­able. They make the best pos­si­ble de­ci­sions. We are in a risk busi­ness.”

Ms Dick said the free­dom to ram scoot­ers was brought in to de­ter moped crime: “We’ve had to put the fear back into the crim­i­nal. These are peo­ple who have been re­peat­edly left in no doubt what­so­ever that there’s a po­lice car right be­hind them. If you look over your shoul­der and drive on as fast as pos­si­ble, putting the pub­lic in dan­ger, you should ex­pect that we will come af­ter you.”

“My of­fi­cers make life and death de­ci­sions ev­ery day of the week. They’re very ac­count­able. We are in a risk busi­ness.” Metropoli­tan Po­lice com­mis­sioner Cres­sida Dick

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