1215cc | 132bhp | 800mm seat height

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Dealer £5800-£9500 Pri­vate £5000-£7250 This one 2014 SE, 6500 miles

Tri­umph’s BMW looka­like can be yours for less than a Ger­man ma­chine of the same year, leav­ing more cash for tour­ing hol­i­days. The 1215cc in­line triple is fab­u­lous for tour­ing, be­ing both torque-filled and flex­i­ble, and the spa­cious chas­sis gives plenty of room for rider and pil­lion and the countless giz­mos the Tro­phy’s be­stowed with. As stock the British-built tourer comes with elec­tron­i­cally ad­justable screen, lug­gage, on-board com­puter, ABS and trac­tion con­trol, with the SE model gain­ing elec­tron­i­cally ad­justable sus­pen­sion and a stereo. The Tro­phy has great ride qual­ity, han­dling and com­fort and econ­omy. It av­er­ages over 50mpg, which trans­lates to over 300 miles be­tween fill-ups.

Buyer be­ware It’s big, heavy and chal­leng­ing to get on to its main­stand. There were quite a few elec­tri­cal grem­lins on early mod­els which were rec­ti­fied with an up­date to the ECM. There was also a re­call for a cen­tre­stand bolt is­sue on bikes built in 2012-2013. Be aware that if you opt for a model with the ra­dio you lose five litres of un­der-seat stash space. The cruise con­trol isn’t as smooth as on a BMW.

The Tro­phy 1200 is big, com­fort­able, loaded with toys and un­der £7k used

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