‘Treat it to a proper scrub’

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You slung your bike back in the garage af­ter a hard day off road, it’s now three days later and your mus­cles have just about stopped aching enough for you to think about clean­ing it. Only there’s a thick layer of hard-baked mud com­pletely cov­er­ing it and the only way to re­move it is with a phased ap­proach.

First squirt the bike all over with a hose pipe then leave the mud to soften for ten min­utes. Then break out the jet washer. With the wand on a wide spray set­ting, start un­der the mud­guards then move on to the ex­hausts. Then turn the fuel off and lay the bike down by rest­ing one end of the bars on a box stand so you can at­tack the un­der­side. With the mud off the bike but all over the floor, clean your workspace with a yard brush and bucket, be­fore stand­ing the bike back up and giv­ing it a proper scrub.

You might be tired but it needs a bath

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