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‘It’ll happen one day, and maybe this is the day...’


Triumph’s biggest cat appears to have got the cream. They won’t say it on the record, but the goal in the corridors of Triumph is clear: They want to catch and pass the BMW R1250GS (and GS Adventure) in terms of performanc­e and popularity. Everything about the new Tigers puts the GS in the cross hairs.

Will they do it? The spec claims suggest it could be in with a good shout, but the proof is always in the riding (for us) and in the showroom (for Triumph). Most people who buy a GS do so simply because they want a GS – but the combinatio­n of ‘best’ and ‘British’ could sway some movement in Hinckley’s favour. It’s one of the bikes I’m most excited about riding in 2022 – and the GS will be toppled one day, maybe this is the day...

In other news, make sure you don’t miss next week’s MCN. It’s our super-sized bumper Christmas special 4-in-1 that brings you our Sports Review of the Year, an irreverent ‘MCN Christmas Carol’, your packed copy of MCN and a brilliant glossy 2022 calendar, too!

 ?? ?? Richard Newland, Editor WELC●ME
Richard Newland, Editor WELC●ME

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