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‘Don’t ignore the warnings’


Having a basic tool kit and a Grypp puncture repair kit stowed away under the seat or tucked in a topbox means that you’ll be fairly well kitted out to tackle most common roadside issues. But what happens when you’re riding along and, all of a sudden, a warning light illuminate­s?

Quite often an ABS or engine light will just appear with no indication that the bike is malfunctio­ning. Pull over at the first safe opportunit­y and turn the bike off. Wait for a couple of minutes and then restart. In most cases the warnings will clear once the bike has done its system checks. It only becomes a problem when the warning keeps coming back when there is no identifiab­le issue – this means it’s time to visit a dealer for diagnostic tests.

A few years ago, one particular make of bike was notorious for some of the models flashing up ABS faults. The fault was traced to a problem with a pressure sensor. This was remedied by fitting a new sensor, but the quite often people will live with an intermitte­nt warning light flashing up, especially when there appears to be nothing wrong with the bike.

 ?? ?? Warning light? Get it checked out
Warning light? Get it checked out

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