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Alfa Romeo star Evans working on monster 8C-powered Giulietta project

Dominator Macdonald grabs double victory


Double Alfa Romeo champion Roger Evans is working on a new Giulietta racer that will be powered by parts from the marque’s rare 8C sportscar.

Evans is building the one-off machine, which mates the running gear and 4.7-litre Maserati engine from the 8C Competitiz­ione sportscar to a widened Giulietta bodyshell, at his Peak Alfa facility in Derbyshire.

Alfa only built 500 of the limited edition 8C road car, which was produced between 2007-2010. Evans bought a damaged chassis and is using the spares to construct the one-off racing version, which he hopes will hit the track in time for a full season of competitio­n in 2017.

“I stumbled across a badly firedamage­d 8C on ebay and couldn’t resist buying it as it’s such a rare car,” said Evans, the 2012 and 2013 Alfa champion. “When I took delivery of it I was determined to do something with it so came up with this idea of mating it with a saloon to create something totally unique.

“I chose the 2012 Giulietta bodyshell as it’s actually only half an inch shorter than the original wheelbase length of the 8C, so needed less modificati­on, but it’s still a fair bit wider and will have a real DTM look when it’s finished.

“I’ve retained the front and rear subframes from the 8C and all of the running gear, so it’s ended up being a spaceframe chassis with a Giulietta bodyshell on top. The build is coming along nicely, so hopefully it will run before the end of the year. It won’t fit into any class in the Alfa championsh­ip, so will run as an invitation entry next year.”

Evans will also make a return to the BRSCC’S Alfa Romeo Championsh­ip at Donington Park next month with a newly built 145 for the Twin Spark Cup Class. Evans hasn’t raced this year after loaning his car to another competitor. Dean Macdonald stamped his authority on a growing and resurgent British Kart Championsh­ip in the CIK senior class, winning both finals at Shenington.

The flying Scotsman cruised clear of Oliver Hodgson in the first final, as Toby Sowery dropped out. That elevated Jacob Stilp to third. Stilp was pressed by Jamie Flynn until the latter also retired, which left Luke Knott in fourth, well clear of Roy Johnson. Veteran Bobby Game had been in the mix for fifth but fell to 11th.

In the second final, Stilp leapfrogge­d the fast-starting Harrison Thomas and Hodgson for second but Macdonald had already cleared off. Thomas nipped past Hodgson in the chicane whilst Flynn roared up from the back to challenge Ross Martin for fifth.

In the Junior OK category, Jonathan Hoggard was at one with the track on a very hot weekend and went virtually unchalleng­ed, although Morgan Porter did his best for second in both finals. In the first, Kiern Jewiss lost second to Axel Charpentie­r before Porter took them both. Mark Kimber leapfrogge­d to third, as Jewiss was penalised for a dropped front fairing from contact, elevating Charpentie­r, Callum Bradshaw and local driver Roman Haskett.

Hoggard swiftly pulled a gap on Porter in the second final leaving all the action around third place. Jewiss had put in a stupendous first lap for fifth, he and Charpentie­r soon joined by Kimber in the battle for third. Amid much jostling on the last lap, both into the first hairpin and through the chicane, Jewiss held onto third over Charpentie­r and Kimber.

Roman Haskett won an engine for best newcomer, finishing in seventh position, whilst Ross Martin took home the senior engine prize.

Hoggard and Macdonald can now sport the new MSA E Plates on their karts.

1 Dean Macdonald (Tony Kart); 2 Oliver Hodgson (Birel ART) +1.37s; 3 Jacob Stilp (Mad Croc) 4 Luke Knott (Tony Kart); 5 Roy Johnson (Tony Kart); 6 Harrison Thomas (Kosmic). Fastest lap Knott 40.38s. Pole Macdonald.

1 Macdonald; 2 Stilp +1.17s; 3 Thomas; 4 Hodgson; 5 Ross Martin (Birel-art); 6 Jamie Flynn (DR). FL Johnson 40.4s. P Macdonald.

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