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Ayrton zoomed to Northampto­n glory


Ayrton Mills took his first BriSCA Formula 2 final win of the season with a Bank Holiday Monday victory on the shale at Northampto­n.

Mills moved ahead on onequarter distance and could not be caught by the star men, some of whom were delayed in a tangle, despite a yellow flag. Billy Webster took second from Luke Woodhull, who then lost third to Ricky Castell before dropping out.

Aidy Whitehead warmed up for the World Final with victory at Taunton. The race began with an early pile-up that claimed a few drivers. Whitehead had already made good progress through the field and then ran second until midrace when he passed Dan Baker. Whitehead built a substantia­l lead as he dealt with traffic and survived a scare with a backmarker on the final bend. Matt Stoneman demoted Baker to third on the final lap.

On a good night for the Issitt family, brothers Pat and Jack finished first and third in the meeting final at

King’s Lynn on Saturday after each started their maiden World Finals, qualifying via the Consolatio­n Semi. New World champion Dave

Polley hunted down Dutchman Rutger Veenstra to win Sunday afternoon’s final at the same track.

Mark Paulson


Organiser: Spedeworth When: August 29 Where: Northampto­n Shaleway Starters: 25.

1 Ayrton Mills; 2 Billy Webster; 3 Ricky Castell; 4 Daz Shaw; 5 Reece Cox; 6

Dave Polley; 7 Charley Tomblin; 8 Kai Lindsay; 9 Charlie England; 10 Pat Issitt. Organiser: Autospeed When: August 29 Where: Smeatharpe Stadium, Taunton Starters: 33.

1 Aidy Whitehead; 2 Matt Stoneman; 3 Dan Baker; 4 Nathan Maidment; 5 Steven Gilbert; 6 Craig Driscoll; 7 Adam Rubery; 8 Ben Bate; 9 Joe Marquand; 10 Tommy Farrell.

Organiser: Trackstar When: September 3 Where: Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn Starters: 97.

1 Pat Issitt; 2 Kyle Taylor; 3 Jack Issitt; 4 Niels Tesselaar; 5 Mike Philip; 6 Reece Cox; 7 Chris Burgoyne; 8 Ben Lockwood; 9 Harley Thackra; 10

Michael Wallbank.

Organiser: Trackstar When: September 4 Where: Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn Starters: 66. 1 Dave Polley; 2 Micky Brennan; 3 Billy Webster; 4 Gordon Moodie; 5 Rutger Veenstra; 6 Harley Thackra; 7 Reece Cox; 8 Josh Rayner; 9 Jason Clow; 10 Harry Hensby.

Mills fended off star racers at Northampto­n
BRISCA F2 ROUND-UP Mills fended off star racers at Northampto­n

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