What’s The Buzz?

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Noth­ing says “here comes sum­mer” like the friendly buzzy purring of a big, cheer ful bum­ble­bee lightly bop­ping the conser va­tor y win­dow, or see­ing honey bees lap­ping up flower nec­tar as they dance from bloom to bloom.

Our fuzzy gar­den friends are reg­u­lars on the lawn, but do you know just how im­por tant they are to our gar­dens – and our crops?

While these lit­tle whirring su­per­heroes are go­ing about their daily busi­ness they are trans­fer­ring some al­limpor tant lit­tle grains from flower to flower and so help­ing with pol­li­nat­ing the plants.

It isn’t just the flow­ers in gar­dens! An in­cred­i­ble one-third of our food is pol­li­na­tion-de­pen­dent and bees cer tainly punch above their weight when it comes to play­ing their par t – and that goes for the crops that live­stock feed on too.

Just think how much of your vegetable patch or berry bushes have flow­er­ing plants. All of them need the pollen grains of the fe­male (stigma) and male

(an­ther) par ts of the plant to be trans­ferred to oth­ers. Fer tile seeds then find their way to the soil and the whole cy­cle star ts all over again.

Our friendly lit­tle pol­li­na­tors work hard and can fly up to four miles in a day, get­ting 2,000 blooms un­der their furry belts as they work. They buzz along at around 15mph, flap­ping their wings at up to 230 times per sec­ond!

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