Honey, Honey!

My Weekly Special - - The Complete Guide To Honey -

What is honey? Well – as honey bees, bum­ble­bees and soli­tar y bees all op­er­ate a lit­tle dif fer­ently, as far as the honey we con­sume goes, it is ba­si­cally the food for the hive or colony.

Honey bees work hard at col­lect­ing nec­tar and pollen from flow­ers which they bring back to the hive. Some of the nec­tar will be used to feed the colony and some is de­posited in lit­tle pock­ets, cre­at­ing the hon­ey­comb.

The bees will fan the nec­tar with their wings, caus­ing it to evap­o­rate and turn into honey, and the worker bees will then pro­duce the wax that is used to seal that lit­tle honey pot.

These stores cre­ate food for the next gen­er­a­tion of bees.

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