An All Pur­pose Glue?

My Weekly Special - - The Complete Guide To Honey -

Let’s hear it for propo­lis, some­times called bee glue, the resin-like sub­stance that bees make from tree sap, beeswax and their saliva. The bees use it to line the hive and to fill in and re­pair cracks and holes in the struc­ture – it’s even thought it pos­si­bly keeps in­fec­tions and dis­eases out of the hive. We hu­mans have been “bor­row­ing” propo­lis from the bees since… well, al­most for­ever! It has been found to have anti-fun­gal and an­tibac­te­rial qual­i­ties and it can be used to treat can­dida, mouth ul­cers, cold sores, and even to help heal wounds. It also brings mu­sic to our ears as it is also used as a var­nish for string in­stru­ments. Some say that Stradi­var­ius was a fan!

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