Drip, Drip, Drop!

My Weekly Special - - The Complete Guide To Honey -

All that nec­tar and pollen col­lect­ing can be very hard and thirsty work. So why not show a lit­tle grat­i­tude to our buzzing friends by set­ting aside a small area for a drink­ing spot for the bees? This re­ally is a great way to make sure your gar­den is bee friendly! Again, re­mem­ber that the bees are in dan­ger if their ac­cess to wa­ter isn’t made safe for them, so cre­ate a lit­tle pool for them in a shal­low bowl or plate, pop­ping in some peb­bles or mar­bles for them to perch on so they can reach the wa­ter safely. Keep an eye on the lit­tle oa­sis and empty out any ex­cess af­ter rain and change the wa­ter for them reg­u­larly on warmer days.

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