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Brad Pitt said he likes epics – mostly. “Shoot­ing Troy had its fun mo­ments but also its weird mo­ments. Sit­ting be­tween shots wear­ing a kind of toga and a fight­ing tu­nic with a sword at your side while tr ying to eat a hot dog was fun, but dur­ing the film­ing I tore my Achilles heel and it put film­ing back a while. Iron­i­cally, I was play­ing the par t of Achilles!”

King­dom of Heaven was an­other great epic with a huge cast of ma­jor stars, among them Liam Nee­son who re­called, “Mak­ing a big movie with many big names is so very dif­fer­ent. Of­ten you never see the movie as a whole un­til it is re­leased and play­ing the game of see­ing which one in a bat­tle scene is you. I know that guys like the big epics but I think the ladies love them too.”

Mel Gib­son di­rected and starred in the epic Brave­hear t and had one worry above all oth­ers. “I wanted it to be ac­cu­rate, even to the kilt I wore. That was my big­gest worr y and ever y day I asked an un­usual ques­tion for a guy to ask a lady cos­tu­mier – how do I look in this?”

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