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Jo Ah­ern is a free­lance writer who cut her teeth work­ing on teenage mag­a­zines. Years of writ­ing later, her study, re­search and writ­ing fo­cuses al­most com­pletely on health and well­be­ing – with emo­tional health very close to her heart. Jo also vol­un­teers within the third sec­tor.

Dear Jo,

The same thing hap­pens at this time of year, every year. I start to get this pit of dread in my stom­ach when I start to see Christ­mas items in the shops. It isn’t as though I hate Christ­mas. I ac­tu­ally love it! It just seems that there is more and more pres­sure around the fes­tive sea­son – and I start to feel as though I am go­ing to burst with it all. Can you help? He­len

Jo Says

A long time ago, a ver y dear friend of mine told me a won­der ful mantra they lived their life by. It was, “If you stop run­ning, they can’t chase you”, and it re­ally did help some fog clear from my mind. What I took it to mean, He­len, is that the race was all in my own head. What mat­tered was my at­ti­tude and my peace of mind. Those out­side in­flu­ences, like the 3 for 2 Christ­mas present of fers and the groan­ing shelves of fes­tive food, only pres­sure, chase and badger us if we give them the power to do so. So, please, stop run­ning. Take a breath and give your­self per­mis­sion to go at your own pace. Give in to what you love about the fes­tive sea­son and ever ything it means to you. You are enough and it will be enough.

On a prac­ti­cal level, giv­ing a busy, anx­ious mind some or­der and rou­tine is the best way to stop it whirling round. Get your­self a day/week plan­ner and a note­book and or­gan­ise away! De­vote some time ever y cou­ple of days or so to en­sur­ing you are on track with all the things that can spi­ral out of con­trol – like fi­nances and tr ying to catch up with ever yone – and you will be much more able to en­joy the love you give and re­ceive at that spe­cial time of year. Heidi Dore is a yoga and shi­atsu prac­ti­tioner, work­ing from a beau­ti­ful coun­try set­ting in Balmerino in Fife. She has stud­ied yoga and shi­atsu ex­ten­sively and be­lieves pas­sion­ately in the power of gen­tle heal­ing to boost your mind, en­ergy and mood. See www.yo­gashiat­sus­cot­

Dear Heidi,

When it is dark at in the early evening and in the morn­ing, I find my­self get­ting sleepier and sleepier, no mat­ter how long I sleep. I feel like a half-shut knife and my body feels achy and stiff – like I need a re­ally good stretch. Is there any­thing I can do to help my en­ergy lev­els and sleep pat­terns at this time of year?


Heidi Says

Tr y to do some gen­tle stretches to boost your en­ergy lev­els and stop the stiff, achy feel­ings. Even just 5-10 min­utes a day will make a huge dif­fer­ence. I rec­om­mend Adriene’s Yoga for Zom­bies on YouTube. And please don’t beat your­self up. It is nor­mal for your body to have a lull at times.

Sleep is of­ten the best way for the body to heal, so im­prove the qual­ity of your rest. A tip for the top is to stop fid­dling with your phone in bed.

Tryabitof acu­pres­sure.

Shi­atsu uses the

Stom­ach 36, also known as Three

Mile Leg, used by troops in the

Chi­nese army to elim­i­nate fa­tigue. The point is just be­low the knee cap, one fin­ger’s width out­side the shin bone. Mas­sage it gen­tly for 2-3 min­utes on each leg. If you do this daily, it is said you’ll live to 100!

Do some deep belly breath­ing to re­vi­talise. If your breath is shal­low you may not be get­ting enough oxy­gen. Put your hands on your belly and no­tice how the breath causes your hands to rise and fall. Don’t force it. Re­lax.

Tr y not to hang out with peo­ple and sit­u­a­tions that ex­haust you too much. While you are re­build­ing strength, limit con­tact with things that drain your re­sources. In Shi­atsu it is im­por tant to conser ve en­ergy. Feel bet­ter, Alice!

“Give your­self per­mis­sion to go at your own pace”

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Dear Pa­tri­cia,

How can I be­come more psy­chic? I am con­vinced I am made of wood and not at all sen­si­tive! When I go to spir­i­tual work­shops and we’re asked to “tune in” and re­ceive mes­sages or im­pres­sions, I get noth­ing! I went to an an­gel work­shop re­cently and ev­ery­one got their guardian an­gel’s name ex­cept me! I feel quite up­set about it and de­spite try­ing to sur­ren­der I still don’t see or hear any mes­sages from my guides or an­gels.


Pa­tri­cia Says

Great ques­tion, Lynn!

First, I sug­gest you give your­self per­mis­sion to be­come a psy­chic. There may well be the cel­lu­lar memor y of some “past life” ex­pe­ri­ences that would hold you back from com­for tably be­ing that.

To be a chan­nel for Spirit you also need to prac­tise be­ing still – not tr ying to be any­thing. Still­ing the mind, the in­ces­sant chat­ter of the Left Brain. It is best to do that in the dis­ci­pline of daily med­i­ta­tion. Al­ways ac­knowl­edge the chat­ter­ing mon­key in the “LB” first and ask it to calm down – this will cre­ate space for the whis­pers of your an­gels, guides and spirit to en­ter in and be heard. The deeper you can al­low your­self to sink into the si­lence, the louder the whis­pers be­come. It takes time and prac­tice.

Also, “com­par­isoni­tis” is not to be in­dulged. Fo­cus on your life jour­ney, as you are com­pletely unique! Let go of what oth­ers are get­ting, feel­ing, do­ing and/or be­ing. Your life is all about YOU and learn­ing to love you un­con­di­tion­ally, do­ing and be­ing what you love and en­joy! As you build up love of your soul and spirit you will mag­ne­tise more love to you and have more to give out.

“Let go of what oth­ers are get­ting, feel­ing or do­ing”

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