Mo­tor­bikes can be movie scene-steal­ers… un­less the hero astride the iconic ma­chine is a su­per­star like Brad Pitt!

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Brad Pitt is a self-con­fessed mo­tor­bike fa­natic. He loves own­ing them, rid­ing them and watch­ing them race.

“I guess I just fell in love with the noise and the feel of a bike,” he said. “Bikes make no apolo­gies for be­ing there – they gleam, they roar and they flex such great power. What’s not to love?”

Brad has rid­den bikes in a num­ber of films, in­clud­ing a 650cc Tri­umph in The Cu­ri­ous Case of Ben­jamin But­ton.

“That was an out­stand­ing bike,” Brad re­called. “It was a bit of a clas­sic, and bik­ers loved to see it. It didn’t bother me at all if shoot­ing took sev­eral takes.

“Ladies seem to like bikes in movies too – and the guys who ride them. I don’t re­ally know what that is all about.

“Per­haps it is the en­gine power or maybe it is like be­ing a modern-day knight. In­stead of a horse you have a bike, and in­stead of wear­ing ar­mour you wear some great leathers.

“I have a col­lec­tion of mo­tor­bikes my­self in­clud­ing Du­cati, Har­ley and BMW. I take them out reg­u­larly and re­ally love the feel of the wind rush­ing round you as you open up on a mo­tor way.

“I am also big into Mo­toGP and go to the races all over the world as of­ten as pos­si­ble. If I can’t get there, I tr y to make sure I can see it on TV no mat­ter where we are film­ing. If we were shoot­ing scenes on top of Ever­est, I would still do my best to watch what­ever race is on TV.

“It comes from my love of the bike and grad­u­ally it took on board the great rid­ers too. I picked it up when the great

“I love the feel of the wind rush­ing around you on a mo­tor­way”

Aus­tralian racer Mick Doohan was lead­ing ever yone – then Valentino Rossi, right through to to­day’s great rac­ers. I be­came to­tally hooked on it.

“Those are the real heroes, the guys that put their life on the line and risk ever ything to get their bike past the flag first no mat­ter what.”

Hit­ting The Apex was a film all about Mo­toGP rac­ing and guess who did the nar­ra­tion? – yes, Brad Pitt.

“I could eas­ily eat, sleep and talk bikes and es­pe­cially rac­ing. I am al­ways keen to make a movie in which I get to ride a bike. If the ladies like their heroes on bikes too then I am happy to oblige – I don’t mind play­ing sup­por t to a great mo­tor­bike.

“Any­one want the pil­lion?”

Brad, Cate Blanchett – and that Tri­umph

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