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If you are suf­fer­ing from hair loss then there are some things you can do at home while you are wait­ing for in­ves­ti­ga­tions or treat­ment. Try to avoid the use of heat on your hair, so avoid hair dry­ers, straight­en­ers or curlers. Steer clear of harsh chem­i­cals such as hair re­lax­ers or bleach dyes, and avoid putting ex­cess pres­sure on the scalp with tight hair styles such as braids or high, tight pony­tails.

Some women feel that thick­en­ing sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers can help. Make sure you are eat­ing a healthy, var­ied diet – some women find tak­ing a vi­ta­min sup­ple­ment to en­sure enough iron and other vi­ta­mins can be help­ful.

Treat­ments such as mi­nox­i­dil (Re­gaine) can be used, which is a liq­uid you ap­ply to the scalp, though side ef­fects can in­clude scalp ir­ri­ta­tion. Syn­thetic wigs are avail­able on the NHS if you have hair loss through con­di­tions such as can­cer and chemo­ther­apy.

The skin on your scalp needs pro­tec­tion from the sun if it is vis­i­ble, so use lo­tion or a hat!

Some women use thick­en­ing sham­poo

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