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is about love and how much you can love and ap­prove of your­self; this makes it eas­ier to then do that for oth­ers.

I never thought I’d rec­om­mend so­cial me­dia. How­ever there are plenty of spir­i­tual groups with won­der ful in­sights and in­for­ma­tion. Join a choir with no dogma at­tached – singing makes your hear t happy. Well done for walk­ing away from some­thing you felt was wrong at a deep level.

Learn to love and value YOU! Be you own best friend. When you do that, you will at­tract new friends for sure.

ARIES 21 mar - 19 apr

Now is not the time to ac­cept short-term so­lu­tions. Get the thing that weighs heav­ily on you sor ted out once and for all.

Colour: Sage Num­ber: 10

GEM­INI 20 may - 21 jun

Pay par tic­u­lar at­ten­tion to the home and hear th over the next shor t while – your near­est and dear­est are def­i­nitely go­ing to need your sup­por t.

Colour: Sil­ver Num­ber: 6

LEO 23jul-22aug

There is just some­thing that you feel you have to know – but tread war­ily. Know­ing and un­der­stand­ing are two en­tirely dif­fer­ent things…

Colour: Turquoise Num­ber: 3

LI­BRA 23 sep - 19 oct

You’ve been kick­ing up your heels and par ty­ing re­cently – don’t give up now, as more in­vi­ta­tions are on their way!

Colour: Navy Num­ber: 8

SAGIT­TAR­IUS 23 nov - 19 dec

Don’t hold all your feel­ings in when it comes to some­one ver y close to you. It won’t take much to clear the air – they un­der­stand you bet­ter than you think! Colour: Am­ber Num­ber: 7

AQUAR­IUS 20 jan - 18 feb

If you don’t ask, you won’t know, and you are go­ing to have a mo­ment of “right place and right time”. Don’t let it slip through your fin­gers.

Colour: Coral Num­ber: 5

TAU­RUS 20 apr - 20 may

You’ll be able to spend a lit­tle and spend wisely, so hit the shops and see ex­actly what bar­gains have your name on them.

Colour: Prim­rose Num­ber: 1

CAN­CER 21 jun - 22 jul

It is a per fect time to make a spe­cial com­mit­ment to some­one as your re­la­tion­ship with them is at the stage where it will blos­som and flour­ish. Colour: Red Num­ber: 17

VIRGO 23 aug - 22 sept

Self-doubt is star ting to creep in about your abil­ity to pick up the new skills you have to ac­quire. Go along at your own pace and all will be well.

Colour: Cho­co­late Num­ber:

SCOR­PIO 23 oct - 21 nov

It is never to late to make a fresh star t. Don’t re­gret the pre­vi­ous path you took, as the things you learned will stand you in good stead. Colour: White Num­ber: 4

CAPRI­CORN 22 dec - 19 jan

You’ve put in the time and done the work and fi­nally now is the time to reap the re­wards. Be justly proud of your achieve­ments!

Colour: Blue Num­ber: 9

PISCES 19 feb - 20 mar

Do your best to stay away from peo­ple who al­ways seem to bring you down. You sim­ply don’t need that kind of neg­a­tiv­ity in your life.

Colour: Pink Num­ber: 15

“Your spir­i­tual life lies within you, not out­side”

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