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Star Tomato for Containers


Hundreds and Thousands’ is a fantastic cherry-tomato variety to grow in a pot or hanging basket. Having a trailing habit, it produces cascades of delicious fruit for weeks. Each tomato plant requires a deep pot that is around 30cm wide. Fill it with multi-purpose organic compost; plant deeper than the soil level the seedling had previously been growing at (removing some of the lower leaves if necessary); and place on a light, warm windowsill or in a greenhouse. If the pot is to go outside, wait until the weather warms (late May or early June, depending on where you live), and then place it in sheltered sun.

Never allow your pot or hanging basket to dry out, so water frequently, especially in hot weather; but don’t sit containers in trays of water, as this could cause disease. Give the plants a weekly dose of liquid tomato feed once they begin to flower.

Other excellent cherry tomatoes for containers or hanging baskets include ‘Terenzo’ and ‘Tumbling Tom Red’. Both are trailing bush varieties that will give you a summer glut of bite-sized fruit.

Sow shallowly and place on a windowsill or in a greenhouse. Then prick out seedlings into small pots; one per pot.

Plant home-grown (or bought) young plants out in a greenhouse from late April and outside from late May or early June.

Eat straight away or store at room temperatur­e for up to 3 days. Tomatoes lose flavour in the fridge.

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