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10 The city of Hull lies on which estuary? (6)

11 Which actress Celia starred in Calendar Girls ? (5) 12 What word relates to both general office workers and church ministers? (8)

14 Which word suggests ‘from Japan, China or Korea,’ for example? (3,7)

16 What is the first or second stomach of a ruminant, prepared as food? (5)

17 What was the first name of German‑born US jeans maker Strauss? (4)

18 What is a China tea flavoured with bergamot? (4,4)

20 Which French‑speaking Belgian city is known as Luik in Flemish? (5)

21 Carson City is the capital of which US state? (6) 23 Which celebrated mystic published his Les Prophéties in 1555? (11)

27 Which side of a ship is on the right as you face forward? (9)

29 Which agency responsibl­e for World Heritage Sites was founded in 1945? (inits)(6)

31 In America, what is a wild or half‑trained horse called? (6)

33 In the Old Testament who was the father of

Isaac? (7)

36 What is the name of the Muslim month of fasting? (7)

39 What is the medical term for the womb? (6)

40 Which circle surrounds the Earth at 66° north of the Equator? (6)

42 What is the alternativ­e name for potassium nitrate, a substance used in preserving meat? (9)

45 Which indoor shrub of the fig family has dark‑green shiny leaves? (6,5)

49 Who was Bailey’s partner in the famous American circus? (6)

50 Which Elizabetha­n seaman was captain of the Golden Hind ? (5)

52 What is the introducti­on of a poem or play called? (8)

53 What is the wooden skirting along the lower part of the walls of a room called? (4) 55 What was the first name of Jane Birkin’s singer partner Gainsbourg? (5)

56 Which legal term means ‘not open to appeal’? (10)

60 What epithet applied to lively, fashionabl­e young women of the 1920s? (8)

61 Which word can mean an old kitchen stove and a line of mountains? (5)

62 What is the surname of Gosford Park actress Dame Eileen? (6)


1 Which is the second‑largest city in Zimbabwe? (8)

2 What is a twin‑reeded woodwind instrument? (4)

3 Who was the Greek goddess of the rainbow? (4)

4 What is a counter used in Scrabble called? (4)

5 Which British engineer built the

Great Western Railway? (6)

6 What first name is shared by actresses Locklear and Graham? (7) 7 What is the geographic­al term for the West? (8)

8 Which aromatic herb, related to parsley, is often used to flavour fish? (4)

9 Which Spanish Surrealist painted The Persistenc­e of Memory? (8,4) 13 Who was King Edward I’s queen? (7) 15 What is a river on the England/ Scotland border, or a type of material? (5)

19 Which large water lily was sacred in ancient Egypt? (5)

22 What can be a flower of the pansy family or a musical instrument? (5) 24 What is a Hawaiian expression of love, used as a greeting? (5)

25 Who sang Knowing Me, Knowing

You ? (4)

26 What was a German WWII submarine called? (1‑4)

28 Which 1980s Norwegian group had a hit with Take on Me? (1‑2)

30 Which spectacula­r North American cascade divides Canada and the USA? (7,5)

32 Which island is known as Kerkyra in Greek? (5)

34 What was the real surname of writer George Orwell? (5)

35 Which UK charity is dedicated to our feathered friends? (inits)(4)

37 Which university in Birmingham was founded in the 1960s? (5)

38 What was the first name of 1950s singer King Cole? (3)

41 Which instrument was associated with Jacqueline Du Pré? (5)

43 Which French term means ‘in a group, all together’? (2,5)

44 Which organisati­on, that tends the wounded in wartime, was founded after the 1864 Geneva Convention? (3,5)

46 What is an eagle’s nest called? (5) 47 What are particles lacking an electric charge? (8)

48 Which Portuguese island is famous for its dessert wine? (7)

51 What is a forested area of Essex, on the Tube’s Central Line? (6)

54 Which word precedes I Did It Again in the title of Britney Spears’ 2000 hit single? (4)

57 What is a ridge of rock or coral just below the surface of the sea? (4) 58 Which alcoholic drink is produced from fermented honey? (4)

59 What informal term is sometimes used for a Yorkshirem­an? (4)

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