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Small steps towards great, green strides for safer, smar ter and more sustainabl­e living


The cost of Christmas will be more concerning than ever this year. The expense isn’t only measurable in pounds and pence but environmen­tally, too. There has never been a better time to stamp out unnecessar y spending that impacts both pocket and planet.

When working on your shopping list, think twice about what you are buying. Avoid single use plastic tat like novelty cracker fills. Why not return to traditiona­l basics and make your own? Find some inspiratio­n at christmas-recipes-crafts/

Far too many Christmas gifts arrive in a ridiculous amount of packaging, much of which is not recyclable. Just buy the basic items and gift them in a reusable, recyclable gift bag instead.

Look out for FSC (Forest Stewardshi­p Council) cer tified products. The FSC logo denotes that the materials used in a product, or par t of it, have been sourced from cer tified forests managed according to rigorous standards in forest management.

Regift items you haven’t used. At the ver y least, take them to a charity shop or donate them to a raffle, to suppor t a good cause.

Consider setting up a Secret Santa for a group of friends or colleagues, with an agreed spend level.

Reappraise who you are buying for. Reconsider giving gifts to a par ticular person out of habit – chances are they are just doing the same. Think about a shared experience or a gift voucher instead, which will mean more than an unwanted product, manufactur­ed and transpor ted several times before reaching the recipient’s hands.

Combine your online order with someone who lives close by, in order to avoid multiple courier runs and share delivery charges.

Swap any unwanted decoration­s with another household, or donate them to a charity shop where they can find a new home.

Ditch metallic or sparkly wrap and plump for recyclable paper, suppor ting increasing numbers of retailers of fering the eco-friendly wrap option.

Seasonal – and most of all, sustainabl­e – greetings to you all!

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green Christmas!
We’re dreaming of a green Christmas!

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