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It’s the time to enjoy mulled wine at a carol concer t or Buck’s Fizz on Christmas morning, but could that bottle make money for you?


Did you see the headlines of a cask of rare whisky selling for £1m at auction after lying forgotten for 30 years? Before you think investing in whisky and wine is the fast track to a for tune – do tread carefully…

Most of us have probably bought a bottle of champagne or wine and kept it for a special occasion but unless you go down the investment route you’re unlikely to make money.

Unless you’ve got serious cash to splash – which is highly unlikely for many of us in the current cost of living crisis – it’s best to steer clear of wine or whisky investment schemes.

This isn’t usually about forking out on one bottle – and it cer tainly won’t be a £5 or £10 bottle of supermarke­t plonk – but crates and casks of the stuf f.

This means you may have to fork out substantia­l sums, along with potential storage costs, and be prepared to sit tight for the long haul – and we’re talking many years. These kinds of investment­s are considered ver y risky and are often ripe for scams which means your money could end up down the drain.

Far better to buy what you enjoy, and there’s plenty of supermarke­ts now offering great deals on wines and fizz.

Most of us typically spend £5 to £7 at a time on a bottle of wine, and up to £10 at special occasions like Christmas. I scour the supermarke­t shelves for deals and special of fers, and it’s relative easy to snap up an £8 bottle for under £5.

When it comes to fizz, Champagne is much pricier than a bottle of bubbles in Prosecco form. Big names like Moet,

Veuve Clicquot and Bollinger especialy will set you back around £40 a bottle! However, you can save money if you’re happy to give the supermarke­ts’ own versions a go.

Aldi regularly tops taste tests with its range, with prices from under £15. My best buy and the one I always buy for our Christmas morning Bucks Fizz is Waitrose’s San Leo Prosecco, usually £9.99 a bottle (75cl), but you can often spot deals around £7.99 – and they do a great sparkling rose version too!

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